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Personal or Not Personal – that’s the question

Yesterday, I got a phone call from a sales person at some company, I just can’t remember why he called or from what company. But that’s besides the point anyway. That guy talked fast, he was focused on his goal, and that goal was trying to get me hooked on whatever he was selling. He wanted me to buy it, but he failed, and that was because he did something that I just don’t like… I am not sure if I hate it or just don’t like it. Anyway, I don’t think any sales person will make a sale talking to me if he or she will do what this guy did.

You might be thinking that the guy did something really bad, or that he offended me or something, but he didn’t.

The only thing he did was mention my name in every other sentence. He talked to me, he tried to make the conversation all about me, and he used my first name. He said stuff like, when you go out with your friends Jens, what do you think about [blank] and Jens, when you read a good book what do you rather do, [blank] or [blank]? He said my name every 10 seconds or so, like he was trying to be my friend.

I thought about it after the conversation, why would he use my name at all? I can understand that we use names when we use impersonal marketing, like when we use e-mail or an autoresponder, or when we advertise using flyers or whatever. The more personal you get when you use impersonal marketing techniques, the better I think the marketing effect will be.

…but when you are using very personal marketing techniques, like when you are talking to a person on the phone or when you are talking to a person face to face, I would never ever use a the name of the person during the conversation. Well, you could start out with the name, or maybe mention it once or twice, but not often, like what a lof of sales people seems to be doing.

The guy that called me yesterday was not the first one, I have been talking to a lot of different men and women, all of them using the same conversational technique. I just can’t understand why, but maybe it actually works and I am the only weird person out there?

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