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The Perfect Vacation

Just look at this magnificent view. This is the first thing I saw every morning for 3 weeks.

If you are wondering if I am still on vacation, I can announce that today, I am officially back from camping with my family. And from the title of this post, you can probably imagine that I am fairly satisfied with the three-week camping trip.

If you have kids, I urge you to buy a tent or a trailer tent (like we did). And try it for a vacation somewhere close to the sea. A spot where there are not too many people, but enough kids for your kids to have a wonderful time.

This is how our trailer tent looks like.

Why was it the perfect vacation?

There are at least five reasons why I think that this was the perfect vacation for me and my family.

1. The weather was awesome

We’ve been away for 3 weeks, and it’s been raining just 2 days. And that’s pretty incredible, because we are in Norway (and it seems to be raining every other day). It was fairly windy, but mostlyit was a nice breeze and 25 degrees celcius. Just perfect.

2. Our kids had a great time

We have two kids, a girl 4 years old and a boy who is 2 years old. They have been outside playing for 3 weeks, hardly any problems at all. No fighting over toys, no tv, nothing they could fight about. They have met a lot of new friends, they have been playing in the forrest, in the water and they have been smiling the whole time (well, almost…).

3. It was a cheap vacation

It’s always a good thing when you have a great time and you don’t have to pay a lot of money for it. It makes the whole vacation even better. I consider it a cheap vacation, even though we bought the camp-let during June (and it was brand new).

4. No electricity

I just love having no electricity. I didn’t listen to the radio, I didn’t watch any TV, I had no access to any computer or the Internet, and my mobile phone battery didn’t last for the whole 3 weeks. I was offline, a place where all I did was relax.

5. All the friendly people

I haven’t been camping for more than 25 years, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I am sure that there are a lot of different people, depending where you go camping. Some nice, some not so nice. But all the people I met during our 3 weeks were all really friendly.

5 responses to “The Perfect Vacation”

  1. yaniv says:

    I agree with you its graet to go out camping and i see that you also have a nice tent so keep having a good time 🙂

  2. Gerard Mulot says:

    Thank you (excuse me, English is not my mother tongue), I find your article well structured, but I think you are biased in your approach to this issue. This is usually the case with this type of subject, the controversy is never far away. Regards, Gerard

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