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People will never forget you

Sometimes we’re trying to convince our friends to watch a movie. Sometimes we are trying to influence our boss to let us work on a different project. Sometimes we just want to decide dinner. We all have to learn to sell something.

We are all in the business of sales. Teachers sell students on learning, parents sell their children on making good grades and behaving, and traditional salesmen sell their products.
-Dave Ramsey

We need to understand that selling is also about not being forgotten. We want people to remember us, and we want a yes every single time. The only way to do this is to get people by their heart, and only then their head will follow. People don’t buy for logical reasons.

People will never forget you if you invest time to connect with the people you are selling to. Help them before asking, and listen to them before selling.

Just because they can hear you doesn’t mean they’re listening. That’s why you need to understand before pitching. People make decisions for different reasons, in order to influence others you must address their individual emotions.

7 responses to “People will never forget you”

  1. Danny Brown says:

    My granddad was a master of the subtle sell. You’d think he was on your side, bit he was really just getting you to do what your mum and dad wanted you to do, just in a different way.

    I only learned years later what a sneaky bugger he really was – but it was a great marketing lesson! 🙂

    • I have met a few people like that. When I enter the room I have a strong opinion and I’m sure that I won’t be changing. And, after the meeting I don’t understand what happened. Not sure if I have learned anything from it, other than that the other person was a sneaky bugger 🙂

  2. Trisha Dey says:

    Hello Jens,
    The quote of Dave Ramsey is really inspiring and you have indeed said right that only others have ears doesn’t mean they have to listen. You will have to make them listen, which is the main task of all time. This blog has really taught me a life lesson and I am really thankful to you.

  3. Arshad says:

    Hi Jens!
    Talking about convincing others, reminds me of a metric that we, marketers often tend to overlook or completely neglect (honestly most of us don’t even think about it) while selecting a specific customer segment for our direct mail campaign.

    That metric is “Customer Network Value (CNV)” we consider Customer Life Time Value to select him/her for the campaign but never consider the CNV, that CNV actually means “customer influence on others, in convincing them to buy a specific brand, product “.

    Sorry that was a bit irrelevant, coming to your last point, “People don’t buy for logical reasons” that is actually scientifically proven by world renown neurologist Antonio Damisio.

    According to his research our every decision is based on emotions! Do read his work, it is actually really interesting!

    • Hi Arshad,

      I have never heard of Antonio Damisio. Thank you for mentioning him and his work. I’ll taking a closer look very soon.

      I do focus on CNV, but not as often as I should. It’s a lot easier (and less time consuming) to focus on the single customer, and like many others, that’s what I keep doing over and over again.

      Thank you so much for your comment.

  4. Ekramul Haque says:

    Maya Angelou, poet, author, producer, issued a list of things she has learned in 75 years of living. Among other things, she said that “I’ve learned I still have a lot to learn.” She also said, “People will forget the things you do, and people will forget the things you say. But people will never forget how you made them feel.”

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