Will more people share your content if you place the social media buttons in the right order?

Social media buttons

I don’t know the answer to this question, at least not yet, but I believe it’s an interesting one. Will more people share your content if you place the social media buttons on your site in the right order?

Think about it. If you believe that Facebook is the most important social media site, and that’s where you want most people to share your content, should you place the Facebook button first? Will placing the button first, make more people click on it, or will people share your content on Facebook anyway, no matter if it’s at number 2, 3, or whatever? If that’s true, maybe Facebook should not be first, because by placing a different social button first, it might be more likely that your readers will share your content on a different social media site.

I am using the Share Juice Pro plugin to help my readers share my content, and with this plugin, I can add all sorts of buttons, and I can add them in the order I like. And, that’s part of why I have been asking myself the question. I’m not sure why, but I have added the social buttons in this order:

  • Twitter
  • Buffer
  • Google+
  • Facebook
  • StumbleUpon

The reason I added Twitter first, is because most of the traffic from social media sites to my blog comes via Twitter. The next one is Buffer, and the reason why, is mostly because a lot of people are using Buffer, and it helps people share my content on several social media sites. And, after that, it’s more or less random. I haven’t given it much thought, other than that StumbleUpon, so far, is last, more or less just a test to see if I should use it to get even more traffic.

Your turn

Like I said, I don’t know the answer to the question, but I believe it’s an interesting one. What order have you placed your social media buttons in? And, do you believe it matters for how people share your content?

2 years 23 days ago

I think it matters which button will appear first; people tend to notice it first and it is unlikely they will take the time to really go over the rest of the buttons (athough that’s not impossibe altogether). The thing is, it is almost automatic that if they see what they like right away, then they will click on it almost without thinking. Now as to what should come first, that should depend on many factors and would probably require trial and error to see what would work best.

2 years 26 days ago

I don’t really care and I don’t mind if the blogs that I read have an organized bunch of social media networking site buttons. As long as it has the basic sites that I know such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, or Pinterest, I’m fine with it.

2 years 25 days ago

That’s true. I don’t care much either when I visit other blogs, as long as there are not too many buttons. If there are too many, I usually end up not sharing.

2 years 27 days ago

I think it doesn’t really matter if you organize your social media buttons in order to attract more readers and potential clients to your blog. What matters is that you do everything that’s required in order to draw more traffic to your website.

2 years 27 days ago

Hi Veronica,

I am testing it, and at the moment, I am trying to see if I get more likes/shares on Facebook by using Facebook as the first social button. I am not sure if it matters, but it might.

Osho Garg
2 years 29 days ago

I added sharing button in left side as floating. Previously I added sharing button below of my content. i think now my article is getting better share.

Anyway thanks for your valuable post

2 years 27 days ago

That’s interesting. I tried floating as well, but I discovered that they messed up my posts on mobile devices, so I stopped using them. Have you tested your blog on mobile phones, how does the floating buttons look?

Brittney Wilson
2 years 30 days ago

I use Flare. I really like it because it shows my combined social media shares and looks clean. It also lets me have small buttons at the top and hovering button on the side.
As far as what order, I usually put the facebook like button first because more “regular” folks use facebook, and I’d like those people to become regular readers of my blog.

2 years 27 days ago

I am testing Facebook as my first button as well, but I usually get more traffic from Twitter. On the other hand, most of my readers are on Facebook, and that’s why I’m thinking that Facebook should be first. I’m looking forward to seeing the results.