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Paying Your Facebook Ads Using PayPal

I read the news on February 18, that Facebook had partnered with PayPal. The partnership will eventually lead to Facebook accepting PayPal as an option when we are purchasing advertisement on Facebook.

This is great news.

I’m using PayPal for almost everything I do online, except for my AWeber membership.

I know that PayPal isn’t the cheapest alternative, but to me, it’s fast, easy and a secure method to pay for my online adventures.

I believe that adding PayPal as an option will be a major shift in advertisements for Facebook. This is especially in the affiliate marketing niche. A lot of people will turn to Facebook and their Cost Per Click advertisements.

I’m currently running an advertisement campaign on Facebook to recruit new students to our college. Facebook is brilliant when it comes to marketing, but so far, I haven’t tried it when it comes to affiliate marketing. But as soon as they add PayPal as an option, I’ll be testing it.

According to the Facebook newsletter I received earlier today, it will happen sometime soon. This is the short message I received:

“We’re adding PayPal as another form of payment for your Facebook advertising account. In addition to the different credit cards that we accept, PayPal will be listed as another option for payment when you create an ad. We expect to launch PayPal support in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!”

Does this mean that you’ll be using Facebook Ads as well?

4 responses to “Paying Your Facebook Ads Using PayPal”

  1. I wish that PayPal didn’t take so much out of each transaction. Makes it worth not using.

  2. Yes, I agree that they charge too much. But on the other hand, I haven't found a better alternative…

  3. Great Post. Really it will help lot of people. Thanks for the post.

  4. Mohammed Abuhuraira Akrami says:

    I am a freelance translator from India. I would like to participate in the facebook Ad-campaign using paypal payment method. I tried to order for the ad-campaign by using my paypal account. However, to pay for the purpose, FB is asking for credit card details. I have no credit card so please help me how to solve my problem. Thanks.

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