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Is Pay Per Post Really Blog Whoring?

When I first read about Pay Per Post I thought that this was something really exciting for all bloggers and for online marketers. Bloggers could earn money and advertisers could promote their products and services on blogs. And I still think that Pay Per Post is a good idea, but what I am questioning is the ethics behind it. Well, ethics might be the wrong word. But hopefully you will understand what I am asking.

First, a short summary of what Pay Per Post is (and forgive me if I am doing any mistakes here, this is what I think Pay Per Post is).

A blogger who is a member of Pay Per Post (I think it´s completely free to become a member) will visit their marketplace or directory and find topics that the blogger knows or want to write about. These topics are paid for by advertisers. In the directory at Pay Per Post it says how much money you will earn if you write about this specific topic. The blogger starts to write about the topic (it could be a specific software or anything for that matter). When the blogger is finished writing, he or she publishes the post to their blog with a link to the advertisers site (or someplace the advertiser wants the blogger to link to). At the same time the blogger has to send their post to Pay Per Post for a review. If Pay Per Post finds the bloggers´post to be of good quality, then he or she will receive money for it. If they don´t think that the post is of good quality, the blogger will receive information the he or she will have to rewrite the post. After rewriting the post, it will be sent back to Pay Per Post for another review and then sent back to the blogger again and you probably get the rest.

My point is that the blogger will get options on what to blog about and if he or she is going to earn money from it, Pay Per Post have to decide that their posts are good enough and worthy of payment.

I am not sure how difficult it is to get accepted posts at Pay Per Post, it might be not hard at all, I don´t know because I have never tried. But what I am questioning is more like, what is a blogger and why blog? If you are a member of Pay Per Post under these conditions, is it all for the money? If you are not picking your own topics freely, will it be blogging or just a way to earn money? Or should you think of it this way, 90 % of the time you write about what you like, the rest of your time you write about what Pay Per Post will pay you to write? This way you can earn money from your blogging.

I don´t think that Pay Per Post looks at your overall blogging, I think that they are just looking at the single posts that you will be submitting to them for reviews. But as I stated earlier, I have not used their system and don´t really know how it works.

My title might be a little hostile, but I don´t really think of it that way. It´s just my way of asking if this is something most bloggers should be doing? How will the world of blogging be if many (probably not all) would write for advertisers? I personally don´t think that I will be writing a very hostile post regarding an advertiser and expect to earn money from my post. But with Pay Per Post that could very well be the case, what do I know 🙂

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