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Using to Create the Marketing Newspaper

content curation with paperli

I really enjoy writing about marketing, and I write and publish my newsletter once a week (you can subscribe here), and my newsletter is all about marketing and I am sharing my own ideas and my own thoughts, and the same goes for my blog. I don’t copy what other people are writing, and I try to create my own stories. That’s why I wrote about the homeless marketer, and transform your company culture.

But. I have been reading a lot about content curation lately, and since, I am still reading a lot of articles every day, I wanted to try it. So, I have decided to do something different.

I am on a quest to find the best marketing articles on the web, every single day, and I want to publish them as an online newspaper.

There are too many awesome articles to just share them one by one via Twitter and Facebook. I want them all in one place, and easy to navigate. At first, I thought that it would take me hours a day going through my RSS-feed (that’s how I read blogs), and then, going through my social media feeds, to find the articles I wanted to publish.


It’s not as difficult or time consuming as it sounds.

How I am using

I have been looking at various alternatives, and doing everything manually wasn’t an option. That would have taken me hours a day. So, I decided to go for (I took a short look at as well). Before I go into the details, take a look at my marketing newspaper, and decide if you want to subscribe to it.

This is it:

paperli marketing newspaper


The best marketing stories (updated daily)

What you need to know, is that I am approving all the articles. It’s not automated. The way it’s created is that I have added my social media accounts, and my RSS-feed, and because I have connected with some brilliant people, and I filter all the articles with words related to marketing, I get a daily update with lots of very interesting suggestions. After I have received the update, I take a closer look at all the daily articles, and I approve the ones I really enjoy, and I delete the articles I don’t want to publish.

That’s it.

I have only been using for a few days, but I ended up upgrading from the free version to the paid version ($9 a month) to be able to place my logo on the newspaper and get access to some advanced features. I am now testing it for two months, to see if I can create an online marketing newspaper that people will find interesting, and actually read.

Do you find¬†interesting enough to try it yourself (there’s a free version available)?

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