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Overture – how does it work?

I have been using Overture for a few months now, the reason I decided to use Overture was, well, I don´t really know. I have tried Google Adwords earlier, and I thought I should try something else to see if it works better or not. I had heard a lot about it before I got started, both positive and negative.

The great thing about Pay Per Click advertising campaigns is that they are cheap, well if you want them to be cheap they will be cheap. You decide what budget you will use on the campaigns. If you do things right and you just want to test it, there shouldn´t be that much money involved.

My problem with Overture is that it´s not as easy to understand as Google adwords. I spent probably no more than 20 minutes studying how Google Adwords worked before I managed to do exactly what I wanted. With Overture I am not sure if I understand it months after I first started to use it. That might be just me, I don´t know.

My biggest problem with Overture is that my keywords are being neglected and how long it takes before I get them to be passed/neglected. At Google Adwords it seems like the keywords are published to the Internet in just seconds, at Overture it takes 3-5 days for the review. And for me many of the “great” keywords have been neglected by the editors at Overture. I come up with some great keywords for my campaign and it takes 3-5 days to see if I can actually use them, and then on top of it all they refuse to publish them.

Ok, I understand that there should be some rules on what kind of keywords a person or business can use in an advertising campaign, even though it doesn´t seem to be many rules offline. My problem is why can´t I use my keywords? Overture post a not on the site (that I can see when I log in) concerning the reason why they refused to publish my keywords, but I don´t understand what they write most of the time. Not that I don´t understand their english, but I don´t understand the logic and the reason behind the decision.

They are using some general rules on what your keywords should be like in reference to your site and its content. The problem is that not always (for me it seems like never) do these general rules apply very well to the specific case. Many times I have received a statement that my keyword is “too general” (don´t remember the exact phrase). Why is that a problem? I have one specific case, I tried to use MSN as a keyword to promote the Imvite messenger. I received a statement that I couldn´t use this because this was another company (the competition), I still don´t see why this is a problem. I wanted to market my messenger to people who had only heard of MSN. Maybe this is not ethical, I don´t know.

Ok, now I have the answers on what keywords I cannot use and the reason. I would like to comment on the reason, I would like to fight for the right to use some of the keywords, but how do I actually do this? I don´t know, I have looked many places, but can´t seem to find out how I can reply.

It seems like I will never figure out how Overture works, not only all the various options, but how their editors thinks. Again, it might be just me.

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