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Our first video – is this inbound marketing?

I have been telling you about the video blog I’m going to be launching for the college. Hold on, things are happening fast. I’m about to leave for a vacation in Italy, so the launch won’t be before I get back home. But, we managed to finish the first video, and I’m going to show it to you today.

Stepping out from the shadows

To me, inbound marketing is about telling people authentic stories, and attracting visitors with quality content. The videos will be showing “every” side of our college and college life, not just the most glamorous. I don’t have a full detailed plan yet, but what I am looking for is a way for people to understand what being a student at our college is like. I don’t want to be showing the world that everything is perfect when it’s not, but on the other hand, we will be focusing on the positive sides of being a student.

The balance between the positive effects and what might be negative, are going to be really hard. Usually, we wouldn’t have been adding any of the negative sides on any type of advertisement and we would have been completely silent about it. I’m thinking that if we do things right, we can turn something negative into something positive. It’s all in the details.

Attracting students

The reason I’m launching the video blog, is solely to attract new students to the college. There shouldn’t be any doubt about it. I’ve been a student myself, years ago. And, I always wanted to see how it was like, before I actually moved across the country.

I talked to friends and family about education. I watched advertisements. I read what seemed to be hundreds of pages of text. I viewed a ton of pictures. And, I’m not sure any of it helped on the decision. It was just as difficult. What type of education should I be studying? What university should I apply to, or should I start working instead? Well, the choice between working or studying wasn’t a real option. I had decided that I was going to study, even though I didn’t really know why.

I just know that I would have wanted a video blog to look at when I was going to decide what to do with my life. It’s a really difficult decision. And, I want to provide the best possible information to help people with this decision. That’s it. That’s the reason why we’re launching.

The two sides of the story

I’m proud to say that I’m a firm believer that this is going to be a huge success. This is something I would have wanted wanted, and actually something I felt that I needed at the time when I was going to decide. This feeling is important to me. I’ve been studying what Marcus Sheridan have been doing to transform his swimming pool company, and I’ve been learning how important my mindset is from brilliant people like Adrienne and Carolyn. If I am certain that this is going to be a success, it’s going to be a success. That’s how powerful our minds are.

I’m also proud to say that the best part of creating the videos, is the who-part. Do you know who the people behind the videos are, the people creating them? It’s not me, that’s for sure. Think again. Who are the best to create videos for a college? You are absolutely right. The students. We’ve managed to find two incredibly gifted students (they are actually studying video production), and they are going to be creating the videos from their perspective. I’m going to be sort of behind the scenes, not like a producer, more like the annoying college employee telling them about new projects.

This is the first video

We’re going to show people what we do and how we do it, and at the same time, we’re not using high priced video artists. We’re paying our students. I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am about this. I’ll let the first video do the explaining.

This video is from the first day of school at our college. 16 August 2011, was the day when all new students had to be at our school to register for the semester. This happens once a year. To me, the first day of school, no matter what type of school you’re attending, is a very special day. Hence, the college should do everything in their powers to turn it into the best day ever. People are excited. They’re a little afraid. Most of them don’t have a clue of what to expect. So, we want to show them that they can trust us, that we will take care of them, and that we’re just as excited as them.

Ah, we played really loud music outside. We hired a DJ. We’ve managed to hire three of the best stand up comedians in the country, and they did an awesome show for apx. 75 minutes. We gave the students free ice cream, free soda, and free headgear designed by students (similar to Buff) – and more.

The girl talking in the video is a girl who’ve actually never been to our college. This is her first day. The students that are filming, followed her from her home, in her car while she was driving to the college. They interviewed her while driving, and asked her about her expectations, and they followed her throughout the day. Finally, she tells us what a great day she had, and that she just can’t wait to get started. It’s a fantastic testimonial (the video is in Norwegian, so I guess you better trust me on this).

I hope you enjoyed it. I have in fact a question for you.

Is this really inbound marketing?

What you’ve seen is our first video. I really enjoy watching the video, yes, I absolutely love it. I think it’s perfect. But, when it comes to inbound marketing, I’m a little afraid that we’re too focused on creating a commercial. That we’re too focused on adding cool effects, and trying to impress the viewer, instead of just telling it like it is. What you’ve seen on the video is exactly what happened, and the girl was not instructed to say anything, we just used her words. But what I’m talking about is the filming and the effects, and that we might be turning an authentic story into a commercial (and not many people believe that commercials are telling authentic stories).

I’m very interested in your thoughts on this.

31 responses to “Our first video – is this inbound marketing?”

  1. Eddie Gear says:

    Inbound Marketing is the way to Go Jens. Congratulation on the video post its awesome. One suggestion though, its would be good if you also had it in english, you never know someone might like(english speaking) it and refer a friend. There are some sites likes TubeMogul, I’ve not tried it yet, but a few friends recommend me the tool. its video marketing system I guess.

    • Jens says:

      Hi Eddie,

      I have thought about creating an english version, but so far we haven’t. We don’t have a lot of courses in English, although it would be great to spread the word. I believe that the more people from outside Norway that would be interested in attending our college, the more courses would be offered in English – so maybe next time 🙂

      I’ve heard of TubeMogul, but never tried it. Thanks a lot.


  2. I think it is and the fact that you are using a students to create a high quality video is a good way to show the quality of the school. I really like the video. Are you guys creating few different versions? I think it could be cool.

    • Jens says:

      Hi Ric,

      Absolutely, I’m so happy that we have students that are creating the videos. We’re not going to create different versions of the same videos, but we’re going to create many videos of different things that are happening at the school. We don’t have the resources of creating many versions, although it would be great if we had 🙂

      Thanks a lot for your comment Ric.


  3. Eugene says:

    The production quality of the video is great! And I’m just going to take your word for it and assume it’s a positive testimonial for the school 🙂

    I do see what you’re saying about the commercial aspect of the video. Maybe the production quality is too good? But I don’t think it seems staged at all. Looks like live filming of what is actually going on.

    I think some students prospective students will actually appreciate the quality and effort that went into that video. It shows that the school has the resources to put out quality. Showing a guy sitting at a desk talking can be “authentic” – and maybe you need some of that as well. But for a school, you need to show that you have quality resources and aren’t afraid to use them.

    • Jens says:

      Hi Eugene,

      Thanks a lot for your feedback. I’m believe that the production quality is great as well, although I don’t have much experience with video. And, the reason we wanted it to be this commercial and “cool” is that we think that this is what our targeted audience are looking for. But like I said, it’s difficult to stay “authentic” and cool at the same time 🙂

      Thanks again for your feedback Eugene.


  4. Adrienne says:

    I loved it Jens even though I had no clue what they were saying. Your students did a wonderful job of not only shooting the video but editing it as well. I think it looks very professional but by following someone around on their first day and showing their experiences, that brought a more personal and truthful feel to it.

    Thanks for the mention, really appreciate that and I have no doubt your college blog is going to be a big hit.

    By the way, like the theme to! Why did you change? I thought you loved the other theme? Just curious but I like it.

    • Jens says:

      Hi Adrienne,

      I’m so excited about the video blog, and it’s actually hard to go on vacation right now 🙂

      But, it’s the first thing I’m going to be working on when I get back home.

      I changed the theme, not because I didn’t enjoy the other theme, but just because I wanted to test a new one. I’m kind of impulsive this way. I’m always testing when I find new things. I created a two hour contest among designers at digital point forums for the header, and everything was done in a few hours yesterday 🙂


      • Adrienne says:

        Well I like the theme although I liked the other one too. They did a good job with the header. Glad your photo is in it. Get to see that smiling face. Just have fun Jens and relax.. Everything will be here for when you get back.

  5. Ben says:

    Jens, I don’t think it looks too much like a commercial at all. I actually think you did a great job, and as a college student myself, a video of this caliber would definitely play in favor of me deciding to attend this college.

    If anything, the cool effects simply make the video that much better. As sad as it is that people do not want to see something that’s boring. The cool effects keep the viewer engaged, in my opinion. Good work bud!

    • Jens says:

      Hi Ben,

      We tried to make it into a video that will tell it how it really was. So, it’s great that you don’t think of it as a commercial at all. I really like the effects as well. By the way, I just recieved the second video, and I really love that as well 🙂

      Thank you so much for the feedback.


  6. John James says:

    Its very nice blog and great service.I found so many entertaining stuff in your blog,especially on this post. Keep up the good work.

  7. Jim Holland says:

    Nice blog, I also enjoy watching the video. I am really impressing your article. It is provide best information about marketing. Nice information, many thanks to the author. It is incomprehensible to me now, but in general, the usefulness and significance is overwhelming.

  8. Larry Anderson says:

    This post is so much informative. i get more information about this topic i think you should continue make this type of post. i really like this post.

  9. John Falchetto says:

    This is your first video Jens? Awesome work, is it inbound marketing, well it is in my book. I dont understand what she is saying but I am sure she is talking about the university so she is giving an insider account of life there.

    If it was you or the president of the university talking then yes it would be a commercial. I dont think that the fact you have awesome production value makes it less inbound marketing and more a commercial.

    Enjoy Italy 🙂

    • Jens says:

      Hi John,

      I’m back! You make a very interesting point that it’s not the president of the university talking. It’s a student and she’s telling us exactly how she feels.

      By the way, Italy was fantastic. I’ve been eating pizza every single day for 14 days 🙂


  10. Carolyn says:

    wow, Jens. You got me to watch a video when I only had one bar of Wi-Fi (which is only slightly better than having no bars of Wi-Fi) and when I had to use headphones (I’m traveling) and the video is in Norwegian (not my native language). And I couldn’t wait to see it. Now that’s marketing!

    Both the idea and the execution were brilliant. From the auditorium shots, it looks like the university is quite big, but following the student made the experience seem much more personal. We share in her excitement!

    I also was sincerely impressed with the quality of the production. The camera work is creative without being dizzying, the music is energetic without being intrusive and the scene selection is engaging.

    When you make it to Hollywood, I can say I knew you when you first started your videos!

    Thanks so much for the shoutout, Jens. I am truly honored to read such a nice compliment from such an esteemed colleague.

    Best of luck with the video, Jens. I am sure that this amazing video will attract plenty of students. Well done, my friend!

    • Jens says:

      Hi Carolyn,

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the video. It means a lot to me. I haven’t finished setting up the blog yet, but now I’ve got to videos and hopefully I’ll get time to set up everyting during the week.

      The university is quite big, we’ve got apx. 4500 students. So, it’s not big according to US standards, but in Norway, it’s fairly big 🙂


  11. Michael Said says:

    Videos are a great way to connect with your audience and provided that your audience has fast enough Internet speed you are sure to build up a large following.

  12. Elin says:

    I love the lomography-feel of your video! It’s smooth and refreshing, the music is just right!

  13. Ana says:

    I love the video, Jens. I think it is authentic and cool and it portrays the right image to your target audience. Congratulate your students on a job well done.

    And now go ahead and enjoy your Italian vacation! Stepping away is often a great way to gain insight while you are working on a project.

    • Jens says:

      Hi Ana,

      I’m so glad that you enjoyed the video. It means a lot to me. Now, I’m off to “produce” more vidoes together with the students. I’ll be publishing them once in a while (all of them will be in Norwegian, so they won’t be very interesting for most of my readers).

      By the way, I just got back from Italy, and it was a fantastic vacation 🙂


  14. Bill Dorman says:

    More hot chicks; that was 100% the reason I chose the university I did. It was a good school but I had many options; but no lie, my deciding factor was the female to male percentage.

    Was that DJ Jens scratching the disc?

    It looked good to me; maybe you want to ask others if it’s considered inbound marketing. And as far as the brilliant comment you picked the right two and based on my initial response it was best to stay far away from me, huh?

    Finally, the food shot? Good choice too

    Hope your time in Italy has been well; now get back to work……..

    • Jens says:

      Ah, those hot chicks 🙂

      The problem working at a university like I’m doing, is that all those hot chicks stay at the same age apx. 20 years +, and I get older and older 🙂

      I moved with my girlfriend at the time, so her deciding to go to med scool was the reason why I went to that specific university and not the university or the hot chicks (the story of my life) 🙂

      I’m just back from Italy, and it was a fantastic vacation with way too much pizza…

  15. Bill Dorman says:

    PS – University was hard enough; I knew it was for the really bright people, but what were they talking in, like Latin or something?……:)

  16. Susan Jones says:

    It’s really amazing and informative post. It’s very useful for every people so i am thankful to you for sharing such a helpful knowledge with us.

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