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OTO GoldMine – A Few More Thoughts

I have received another e-mail from the owner and creator of OTO Goldmine. He told me that he is going to do some major changes to the system, and that we will get some more information about it in a few days. I have asked for a minor change, or I should call it not a change (because the system is great), but an add on. I am a little excited, because I think that he might actually be adding it to the system. I promise that I won’t get dissapointed if he doesn’t add it.

OTO GoldMine is a great system and it’s free to join. What the system will do for you is a way to present One Time Offers to your subscribers or your business associates or who ever you’d like to present it to. You can choose from many different offers and many different prices. All offers are to ClickBank products, and your commission will be paid from ClickBank, so you’d better have an account.

I did upgrade to the premium / pro account (not sure of the name for the upgraded account), and it took me only a few minutes to be in profit.

For more information visit OTO GoldMine

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