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Is Optin Accelerator Absolutely Insane?

A fairly experienced Internet marketer told me that optin accelerator is absolutely insane. It’s a brand new system to explode your list.

I just had to take a look, and it seems like it’s an impressive system that Matt Haslem has created.

It looks easy and it looks like it can work, just take a look at the video on the Optin Accelerator sales page.

It’s like “tell-a-friend” script just way more advanced. Instead of typing the e-mail addresses of your friends, you can import all of your address books from gmail, yahoo and hotmail (and probably several other services).

I guess that this will be really helpful.

The price is not that high, at the moment the system will cost you $147 (you’ll get life time upgrades included).

The sales page is long (it seems that they always are), so I am just skipping most of the words and I am looking at the videos and Matt Haslem tells us that The Optin Accelerator system will:

and a lot more…

Take a look at The Optin Accelerator.

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