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How to Optimize Your Blog Facebook Page for Graph Search

This is a guest post by Camilla Grace:

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If you go out to any alien place, you would certainly consider your friends’ recommendations especially of the ones, who have visited to that particular place. However, few of these people would prefer to rely over Google searches and find out the reviews of places like hotels and restaurants. Yet finding out personalized results or reviews still remains a big challenge. But the new Facebook Graph Search over this giant social networking site seems to be catering this same thing.

It is considered as one of the geniuses of finding personalized results, which is based as per the data collected from people found in your network. This comes up with Google Plus as well, but for some of the best personalized data Facebook Graph Search proves to be one of the best tools.

Another great thing about Facebook Graph search is that it is one of the easiest ways to do it. But before you start doing the same to reap the benefits, it is vital to optimize your Facebook Page for Graph Search. The below are some of the best ways of doing it.

Let’s check them out:

Complete your profile

In order to start reaping its benefits, it is vital to complete your profile and add values in it. In fact, there are number of people who simply fail to check the About section of your Facebook page. If you have not carried out the same, it’s high time to revisit this web page. The About section is where you place all of your permanent keywords, hence keep in mind to put as much relevant information as plausible. If your business site or page is often found by the consumers looking for certain services, make sure you include the same. For a better idea, make sure you check out the most liked brand page and then try doing things the same. Don’t forget to add up your location, contact numbers and number of working hours along with creating a vanity URL.

Update your categories

Another way to optimize your blog Facebook Page for the Graph Search is to start updating your categories. The graph search helps the web users to find different types and categories. Hence you are supposed to ensure a fact that your categories and even the sub category have to be carried out in an accurate manner. If you have failed to enlist your page like a Local Business, you may not be able to yield the benefits for the same. For instance, if you are taking an example of Spas, the category you will choose would be “Beauty” and the sub category shall be chosen as “Personal Care” by visiting the page of Basic information section of the relevant business page and update the same. You need to add three different categories, which suits up your business. For the above example, the users can search hair or beauty and choosing the best descriptors.

Motivate the Check-ins

Users generally search for businesses, which people from their friend circle have visited. This simply works like a built in recommendation system. To ensure that your business is displaying for a big number of users from Facebook, you need to motivate all your clients to check the same. The moment you set up your web page like any Local Business, things like check ins simply comes like a breeze. Hence in this way, you can make things work for you.

Pull people to interact with the photos

Any type of interaction that is seen over your page will simply help in making you more visible over the different search results. So make sure you keep on posting interesting and valuable content, don’t publish too many pictures. Make sure you publish pictures of your business office and for all of the events you have for your business. This will help in encouraging both your clients and employees or even the business associated to tag them. The more you do this exercise the more you are going to get the result. Don’t forget to add pictures over the checkins as much as possible for obvious results. In this way, you will be able to optimize your Facebook Page for Graph Search.

Final word

The Facebook Graph Search was introduced in January, but considering the number of benefits attached to the same, it has gained a lot of momentum fast. The above are some of the best ways of optimizing your Facebook Page for the Graph Search.

About The Author

Camila Grace is a writer/blogger. She loves writing about technology, gadgets and social media. She contributes to content marketing

8 responses to “How to Optimize Your Blog Facebook Page for Graph Search”

  1. Sprucing up your profile information is key Camila, I like that note.
    If you can be transparent it benefits your entire Facebook marketing campaign.

  2. Pragati says:

    Thanks for some great info, Camila! I agree filling out the About page is important. The more information we provide, higher the chances of coming up in searches.

  3. I was thinking for a couple of days that I should optimize my blog’s Facebook page so that it can show up in the graph search. I didn’t have enought time to give it a try about how to do it, but this post helped me a lot…. 🙂

    It would be much better if you use some photos of how to do it…

  4. Anusha says:

    These are some of the great ways in which the optimization can be done. I believe that the About Us page should always be done with a great care as well as flair as it is the page through which the readers peep into the profile of the company. Thanks for the tips.

  5. marytlou says:

    I’m amazed how people tend to go through Facebook pages without going through the ‘About’ section. I’m one of those people who starts off with surfing the internet from point A and ends at point B so I get really put off when these pages and groups are wrongly categorized. But yeah, if the admin of these pages take note of these few pointers, it can help both the company (admin of the page) and the possible consumers (readers).

  6. Thanks a lot for all the pointers that you have given in this post of yours. I think I will follow all your advice and optimize my Facebook page for a graph search. I think I need to post more informative and valuable content like you have suggested and it might just do the trick.

  7. Todd - Mobile App Developer says:

    Hi Jens,
    You have done a nice job. I got very useful information on optimizing blog facebook page for graph search. I will surely follow these steps for my facebook page for blog. I really apperciate your research work and efforts utliized in creating this informative article.

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