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Oprius is very interesting

I have been testing a new software for the multi level marketing industry. This is sort of a all-in-one software. It’s not all finished yet, but the parts that are finished are really good. What it is, is a contact manager (crm software), where you can build your lists (including a lead capture widget), send them e-mails, keep notes on your contacts, a calendar to help you remember what to do and when.

Not only that, but there are tons of new stuff that will be included soon. I think that Oprius might be what the MLM industry have been waiting for. At the moment it’s free to use it, but when we see the finished product we would have to pay a small monthly fee to use it.

If Oprius includes an adtracker and an autoresponder, “everybody” should use it. As far as I know there’s nothing as good as it, and if the price is right, nobody can compete with it.

Check out Oprius free today.

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