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Ooops I did it again

Yesterday I received an e-mail from PayPal saying something like this: “Notification of your subscription payment”. I receive this a few times a month, due to the fact that I am paying for a few subscriptions with PayPal. So, nothing new really. But what I thought was interesting is that I couldn´t recognize the amount that I had just paid. I had just paid $25 to someone and that´s not something I do every month.

When I looked closer on the details I found that this was a payment to a subscription site that I quit a long time ago. It was $25 for a year, and I actually forgot to cancel my membership at PayPal.

Sometimes I am a little ashamed of myself, how can I forget to do a thing like that? The problem is not that $25 is a lot of money for me, the problem is that it´s not the first time this happens. The first one or two times it happened it was sort of ok. It happened because I didn´t know how PayPal worked, that I had to cancel my subscriptions at PayPal and not at the membership site.

… I guess I have no more excuses to forget to cancel my subscriptions, and there goes my $25.

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