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The Only Way is Up Marketing Strategy

Every time someone buys my ultracool Internet Marketing product, the price will go up by a quarter (of a dollar). The sooner you buy it, the cheaper you will get it.

Well, this is just an example of an interesting marketing strategy. I don’t have my own ultracool marketing product, it’s just a way for me to prove my point.

This marketing strategy tells your prospects that the sooner they order, the cheaper the price will be for them. This is a way to sell a lot of products fast (like a firesale), if that’s what you are looking for. Because when people realize that they won’t get the product cheaper than right now, they will, if the like your product, buy it as soon as possible.

Instead of just saying that your product will go up by a quarter every single time someone buys your product, you can also say that it will stop at a maximum price. This way, your prospects will understand how much your product is really worth, and that they are really getting a bargain if they will buy it right now.

Another way to use this marketing strategy is to have the price go up every hour, instead of every time someone buys your product. This way, if very few people will buy your product, the price will keep increase, and it will look as if a lot of people are buying your product.

If you are a little scared of having too few people buying your product, I would probably use the “price will go up every hour” strategy.

8 responses to “The Only Way is Up Marketing Strategy”

  1. Sergey Rusak says:

    I will never advertise on Facebook in my life. For business like mine it is pointless to target college students.
    Anyway, I am disagree with entire idea about Facebook advertising.

  2. Jens says:

    Hi Sergey,

    I agree with you to a certain point. It all depends… in Norway, there are a lot more people than college student that are using Facebook.

    And I am actually using Facebook to advertise for a Norwegian college.

  3. speedy says:

    Is what Sergey say will be true! but unless you have a website that target reader is college student. but I really don’t know why you advertise your blog in facebook. Can you let me know what working well in facebook advertising .

  4. Jens says:

    Hi Speedy,

    I am not advertising my blog at Facebook, I am advertising a college.

    When it comes to Facebook, there are a lot of people using it, not only college students… and especially is that true in Norway.

    But I am not saying that Facebook is a great place to advertise, it’s all about what you are promoting.

  5. Clint Lenard says:

    Hey Jens,

    What kind of ROI did you see, if any?

    I know that Facebook is and will be a fantastic way to Market Businesses and products/services, but most people don’t realize the true advantage…and disadvantage, in some cases. That’s a shame. Those are the same people that talked bad about Google AdWords, too!

  6. Jens says:

    Hi Clint,

    I am not sure if I can use the term ROI at this campaign.

    I am sending people from Facebook to a competition that we are having at a college site. We want people to attend the free competition and by visiting the site and attending the competition, they are looking at the other pages of the college and at the various courses they offer.

    At the time I am writing this, I have paid an average of $0.41 per click, and about 200 people have clicked. Close to 100% have attended the competition.

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