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Only Two Ways To Track A Newspaper Advertisment?

A lot of companies are still using advertisments in newspapers for content and products that can only be purchased online.

I find it interesting, and for all that I know it might work very well for certain types of products and services.

But how do you track visitors that comes to your website from reading the advertisement in the newspaper?

It’s very important to track visitors, especially for advertisment campaigns. Or how can you know if a campaign is successful or not?

For online advertisements it’s rather easy to track who’s visiting your website after clicking on the advertisements. Most of the time, if you use a large website or a network for your advertisements, they will even track it for you and provide detailed reports. If you have to do it yourself, you could use a tracking software and combine it with Google Analytics (or any other web statistics).

But how do you track newspaper advertisements?

It’s not as easy, but it can be done and it’s really not that difficult. But as far as I can think of, at least right here, right now, I can only come up with two ways to track visitors from newspaper advertisements.

First, you can give out a discount code or a unique code in the newspaper advertisement. When they visit your website, they will have to type in that code in order to get a discount. This way, you will know that they have read the advertisment and that this was the reason they visited your website and bought your product.

Second, you could use a different landing page for the url in the newspaper advertisement. All your visitors to this landing page have to have come from reading the newspaper advertisement, because you haven’t promoted the landing page anywhere else. You can use different domain names to make it easier to remember and easier to type the url.

There are probably other ways to track newspaper advertisments, but do you know any other ways?

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