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Only 3 Reasons Why you should build a list?

I have been thinking about listbuilding lately, and that’s probably because of all the hype, and I don’t mean hype in a negative way, regarding Tellman Knudson and Shawn Casey’s listbuilding coaching program.

Is the money in the list?

Some say that they money is not in the list, but in your relationship to your list.


I have been thinking; are there really only 3 reasons why you should build your own list?

1) You build your list in order to tell your readers about your new stuff. If you are creating your own products, like Caroline Middlebrook and her StumbleRush, you want to tell your visitors about what you are up to. You want to give them some extra information, if you do that, it will be a lot easier to launch new products.

2) You build your list in order to earn money from selling products or services. This is what most people are doing, they are sending out e-mails to their list with information about new products, affiliate products.

3) You build your list in order to build relationships. You want to get to know people with similar interests as your own. You want them as part of your network, you want to learn from them, and you want to teach them what you know.

4) You you build your list as a combination of 1, 2 or all of the three reasons above. (I don’t consider this one to be on its own, because it’s just a combination of the three above).

The reason why you are building a list is very important in order to understand how you should communicate with the people on your list. How often you should be sending e-mails to them, how you should be writing your e-mails, and what about the content?

It all depends on what you are aiming at.

For instance; I am combining all the three reasons above. I am providing my list with free reports on how to “write articles, blog, linkbuilding, ppc” and more. Each of the reports contains of 5 e-mails, I have an affiliate link at the bottom of each e-mail. I am sending out the reports every 10 days, the e-mails are then sent out each day for five days and then it’s 10 days until they receive the next report.

I am sending out my “Internet Marketing Tips” newsletter every friday. Friday is the day when I tell people on my list what I have been up to the past week, and provide them with a really good Internet Marketing article.

I am combining the two methods in order to keep people interested, and to keep good content coming their way, and if they want to read more about the topic, they can buy the affiliate product that I am linking to at the bottom. I am not really promoting a product, I am only providing information about a topic, the product link is only for people who are really interested in exploring the topic further.

I used to be sending out an e-mail now and then in order to promote certain affiliate programs, but I don’t do that anymore. To me it’s about building a relationship and to provide them with “what I know” and of course telling them about programs/systems that I believe to work (and it would be great if I could earn a few bucks extra doing this).

Now, you might have heard that I am writing my first e-book. It’s great to have a list when I am going to launch it, and when I need some feedback (I will also be using my blog to post questions when I need feedback).

I know that I probably could earn a lot more money by using my list, but that’s not really who I am. I am not only promoting affiliate products, but I believe that I am promoting myself. And when I am promoting myself, I need to do what I think is right. Too many e-mails containing too much hype, that’s not something I bellieve in (I am not saying that most people are doing this, but many are).

I don’t think there is one right reason for building a list. I think that it all depends on what you think is right. Are you only doing this because of the money, or are you doing it to build relationships (I am not talking about dating), or maybe you are thinking about creating your own products sometime in the future? Any reason will do, you just need to think about what you are doing and why you are doing it.

If you are only out to make money, I think it’s ok to send out more e-mails with affiliate links, if you are building a list for the future, you might not want to send that many e-mails. A lot of people might be unsubscribing if they consider what they are receiving to be junk and only affiliate links.

What do you think, are there more than 3 reasons why you should build a list?

… and why are you building a list?

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