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I have heard the word Guru so many times since I first started writing this blog, and I have always thought that I knew what the word Guru meant. I have looked at Gurus like people with “complete” knowledge regarding online marketing, and of course there can be gurus in all sorts of niches.

But when I checked the word Guru in Wikipedia, I found a new meaning of the word that actually fits most online marketing Gurus a lot better than people with “complete” knowledge. This is a fraction of a sentence from Wikipedia explaining the word Guru:

… anyone who acquires proficiency or followers

I am thinking of the word followers here. Isn´t that what we all are, we are followers of the Gurus. No matter what they are doing, we jump right on it. No matter how stupid it might be, we are happy to buy it. No matter where we look we see their faces and read their testimonials, they are everywhere telling us what to do.

… they have authority, but do they have knowledge?

I know that I shouldn´t be writing in general terms about the online marketing gurus. Some of them are probably very helpful and packed with knowledge – and maybe they all are. I just think that most people are just kind of like puppets for the gurus, and I think that this might be some of the problem why very few become successful online. We are all doing the same stuff and listening to the same people. This way we all will be stuck, but the Gurus will be more powerful than ever.

Stop listening start being creative (just my thoughts at this late hour – and now I am off to bed)


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