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One Way To Lose Readers

I visited an interesting blog just a few minutes ago. It was a blog about Internet Marketing, and I was going to leave a comment about Blogging to the Bank 3. I spent some time writing the comment, and I was really eager to submit it, because it was a fairly good comment.

But as I was about to hit submit, I saw that I had to figure out a security code in order for my comment to get approved. I have seen this many times before, usually it works, but sometimes it doesn’t work exactly as planned.

security code

Now, how am I going to figure out the security code?

Adding more might not be such a good idea all the time, sometimes more means less. If you add new widgets, new plugins, and security codes, more stuff can go wrong. The more you add, the less readers you might end up with.

You don’t want frustrated readers. Frustrated readers won’t come back.

One response to “One Way To Lose Readers”

  1. Robert A. Henru says:

    Hi Jens, I think StumbleUpon will not allow that. Now SU is very strict towards link exchange. The STC that u’ve ever joined is now not performing that well. You will get traffic only if there are new people stumbling your site. If the same people do it over and over, that won’t bring much. Do you still have good experience with SU? I felt the drop on the month of February. That was a terrible performance for my traffic from SU.

    Jens, I was quoting you on a marketing review I made on the subliminal message. I am still a beginner in marketing. Can I have some comments from you, what do you think on the review?


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