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One thing I don´t like about WordPress

I have been using wordpress for many years now, and I really like it. It´s the best blog system that I have tried, but there has been one thing that I haven´t been able to figure out. It´s not a big deal, but a tiny thing that keeps me awake at night (no just kidding).

When I write drafts, and I do often write drafts, it tends to be some drafts that I just can´t continue or finish. That´s because the drafts were going no where and they weren´t good at all, and they tend to end up with something I just don´t want on my blog. So, when I understand that the draft really suck and I want to delete it, how do I delete a draft in WordPress?

So far I haven´t found a way, other than publish the draft and then delete it. If this is the only way, then I think it´s got to be something the wordpress team should be working on. It´s not a big problem, I can understand that. But the tiny problem consists of that when I publish a post and then delete it after a few seconds, it might be showing in many rss readers that I have a new post on my blog, and when my subscribers click on it, they will receive an error a 404 error regarding page cannot be found. I know that it´s not likely to happen that often, because when I delete the post fast, most rss readers shouldn´t get the new headline, because then they would have to update its feeds at that very moment (and that´s not going to happen that often). But I think you get my point.

It should be an easier way to delete drafts, and there might be a better way, I just don´t know about it.

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