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one Millionaire interviewing another Millionaire about how he became a Millionaire

It certainly is interesting and it was launched a short while ago, and I bet a lot of people have bought it already, but I am not currently one of them. I probably should have bought it, and I might even buy it sometime soon, but so far I haven`t made up my mind.

Can you benefit from reading (or listening to) one millionaire interviewing another millionaire regarding how he became successful? As you probably understand, this is not a review. Because I have not read it or listened to it, in fact I have not heard or read anything from anybody who have actually read it or listened to it either.

I am talking about the interview that millionaire Russell Brunson did with millionaire Vincent James. It`s called 12 Month Internet Millionaire, and just by reading the title I bet a lot of people will get some interesting ideas that they will make some quick cash from reading or listening to this interview (or that they will become a millionaire themselves in the next 12 months).

A few words about the marketing of the 12 month millionaire

Russell Brunson is using three very interesting facts that will get people to want this interview more than other similar interviews:

This guy Vincent James (I have to admit that I had never heard of him before I read The Internet Marketing Myth by Russell Brunson) is a convicted fellon. By using this in the headlines on the sales page and in the e-mails Russell Brunson and his affiliates are sending, they are really saying that if a convicted fellon can make it big using the Internet, then you can also do it. It`s usually a lot easier to make it if you are not a convicted fellon.

But what do you think about when you read that a convicted fellon will share his marketing techniques with you? I am not sure what I think, but somewhere the word illegal comes to mind or some illicit way of marketing. But this is not what it`s all about (at least not to my knowledge). If this is what comes to most people`s minds, should Russell Brunson use the words convicted fellon in his headline? He probably did some research regarding what people associate with it, at least I would probably have done that.

He is rich and only 28 years old. A young person making it big, we love to hear stories like that. The only thing that beats this is if he grew up without any money at all, with a family that didn`t have anything. This tells us that his system works, if he makes it at such a young age, his system works.

He made more than 100 million dollars in 23 months. This sounds incredible, he has made more money per year (at least the last 1 or 2 years) than the CEOs of FedEx, eBay,, Time Warner, Apple Computer, McDonalds, Microsoft, Nike, Yahoo, Ford Motor Company, General Motors and Goodyear combined. Again, this tells us that his system got to be one of the best. In the headline “12 Month Internet Millionaire” it sort of tells us that this system might help us all to earn $1 million in 12 months, but is this what it`s all about?

It sounds very interesting, and I bet for only $37 this system is a bargain (even though I haven`t read a single line of it).

Why is Vince James sharing this with Russell Brunson?

I bet earning more than $100 million dollars might do that to you, and I bet Russell Brunson had to pay a rather high price to hire him for the 3 hours or so to do the interview (I think that he ended up with 6 hours). And I bet that Vince James might even earn a small percentage of the total sales as well (but I don`t know this). It`s easy to share when you profit from it.

I don`t know him, and he might just want to share his story with the world. Well, he sort of did that already with his book (the one Russell Brunson told us about at Internet Marketing Myths). I don`t think that Vincent James did it all for profit, or for fame alone. I think that most people like to share their success with other people, to tell them how they should do things like Internet marketing. There`s a teacher in all of us.

Why is Russell Brunson sharing this with us?

He benefits from sharing it, he will earn money from all the people buying it. And the product looks very interesting, I guess most people looking to benefit from Internet marketing and affiliate marketing will want a copy of this. He is doing it for the profit, but maybe not alone. He was once a ordinary college guy (like you and me), trying to earn a degree without having hardly any cash. Now, he got it all (even twins)… great way to share his knowledge with the world.

… but I have a problem with this interview

Actually I have two problems with it; the first one is that if this interview is so good as he (the salespage) claims it to be, then will it be exactly that good after thousands of people reads it? A secret marketing system is usually really good because it`s a secret, because only very few people are using it.

I am not sure if this will have any effect on the 12 Month Internet Millionaire or not, but the question needs to be asked (but I won`t be able to provide you with the answer, well, unless I end up buying it).

The second problem, might actually not be a problem. I just wish that a “normal” person would do an interview like this and not a millionaire. A millionaire interviewing another millionaire is not as much fun as an ordinary person doing the exact same thing. It would be awesome to buy an interview from a guy failing to make it, doing an interview with a guy like Vincent James. And that this interview would help him to make it. But I guess that an experienced guy like Russell Brunson will ask the right questions and maybe make a better product and do a better interview than most ordinary guys.

It looks like an interesting product, and I will have to think about it a few more days. Maybe I will end up buying it?

Visit 12 Month Internet Millionaire

Have you bought it? Please share your thoughts on the interview.

6 responses to “one Millionaire interviewing another Millionaire about how he became a Millionaire”

  1. Nick says:

    You know, it’s crazy how many $37 products for how to become a millionaire selling $37 products are out there…. maybe I’m in the wrong business! Did you buy it yet? Just noticed this post is a bit old… maybe you bought it and are a millionaire already…

    Anyhow, thought the post was an interesting take, so I figured I’d give my 2 cents.

    • Hey Nick,

      I completely agree. I have bought many similar products, but not this one. I’ve had enough of the “how to make money online” products. Now, I’m focusing on inbound marketing and relationships 🙂

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