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One Example of How To Use Facebook Advertising

It’s easy to target your audience when you’re advertising using Facebook Pay Per Click (PPC). You should always show the advertisements only to people in a specific geographic area. It could be one country or several, it all depends on your product or if you’d like the ad copy to be specific to the area.

On the other hand, if your product or service is only available in the United States, there are no reason why you should be displaying your advertisement to people in other parts of the world.

Now. Let me show you an example of a generic advertisement that works.

It’s a Norwegian advertisement. And it’s for a TV show.

This advertisement says “Don’t Miss The Show Today at 8.30 pm on TV3”.

They are showing the advertisement to Norwegians using Facebook, they might filter the views based on sex and age, but I doubt it.

They are only showing the advertisement on Sundays, because the TV show is on every Sunday. They know that if people get the reminded about the show the same day as the show is on TV, it’s more likely that they’ll watch it. So, they’re message is very targeted.

They’ll get a lot of exposure, and they won’t pay much for it. That’s because a lot of people already know about the TV show, the advertisement is there to remind them to watch it. The advertisment has the time, the day, the TV channel and the name of the TV show. The only reason I would click on it, is if I didn’t know anything about the TV show.

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