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One blogger will appear in a Superbowl Commercial

If you want to become a celebrity over night, then the new competition from Fuel My Blog is something you should really take a look at. They have just launched it and everybody can attend, no matter where in the world you live.

The rules are simple, you should write a short 300 word description and you could win flights to Los Angeles in the USA and star with some internet celebrities in a Superbowl Advert.

Visit the Fuel My Blog competition page for more information.

I would never want to star in a commercial, I like to be an unknown Norwegian 🙂

5 responses to “One blogger will appear in a Superbowl Commercial”

  1. Jim Lane says:

    Jeez, what a self-centered, ethnocentric piece of caca. Got news for you, this type of situation is all too frequent around the world. So where were you advocating a day of blogger silence in their memory? No where to be heard, that is where, because what happened there was largely off your personal radar screen, tragic as those events have been.

    And the unmitigated gall to “tell” the rest of the world to do something because of this tragic situation?

  2. Jens says:


    I am not sure why you are calling this ethnocentric. Is it because I think this is tragic and that I am not making this post about everything tragic that is happening around the world?

    I am well aware of what is happening around the world, and my “personal radar screen” captures a lot of tragic events. But since my blog is not about them, but a completely different topic, I decide to tell about this tragic situation and what many other bloggers are going to do about it.

    I am sorry that you think that this is not something that you agree upon.

  3. Jim Lane says:

    I agree it is tragic. I agree that bloggers should be POLITELY ASKED, but not “told” to participate. US bloggers are a small part of the blogosphere – not its be all and end all.

    Your blog is about MLM. Not about tragedy, not about Virginia Tech, not about anything related to this event as far as I can tell. I agree that you should post your feelings, but the way you have put it, I called it as I see it. You have had these forums for five years, show me any posts asking for anyone to be silent because of any similar tragedy outside the US. Where is your rant for silence when a Mosque in the Middle East was blown up or people slaughtered there?

    That is why I labeled the post ethnocentric. All the tragedies elsewhere have not made your forums/blog.

    I will blog or not on the 30th depending on what is out there to be blogged about. I will honor those at VT in my own way, but will not impose on others by telling others to do the same.

    As the poet who closed the ceremonies at VT Tuesday indicated, events like these and other tragedies elsewhere are not deserved by anyone.

  4. Jens says:


    I actually think we do agree, because my intention was not to tell anybody anything. My intention was only to post a few comments about this tragedy and information about the one day blog silence site and that me and some other bloggers will stay silent at that day.

    The reason that you might have felt that I have “told” you not to blog, might be because english is not my native language. I am Norwegian and hardly ever speak any english – sorry for the misunderstanding.

    I must disagree with you when it come to the ethnocentric part. As we agreed upon, my blog is about other things than tragedies. I have only commented upon the tragedy in Virginia and not other tragedies… but why is that ethnocentric? Is it because it happened in the US? What if the only tragedy that I commented upon happened in the Middle East, would that post be ethnocentric?

    I think that we do not use the word ethnocentric the same. I use it as tendency to look at everything primarily from the perspective of my own culture and putting myself in the centre of everything happening in the world. I have never done that, and I don’t think that I will ever do that.

    The reason that I picked this tragedy, might be because it has been all over the Internet and it has been all over the news here in Norway. And I have read a few of Michael Moore’s books and seen his movie (Bowling for Columbine) lately… and I feel that something should be done.

    But I agree, that this tragedy is no worse than many other tragedies happening all over the world. We all do what we like on the 30th of April, and we honor in our own way.

    Remember, this is only my thoughts and I am not trying to tell you to do anything. I think I might just have to work harder with my English 🙂

  5. Tim Linden says:

    Actually, I think it would have been better to do something today since they are asking everyone to wear the colors today to show support.. But I suppose the 30th is ok 😉

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