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Ojeez – A Social Community In Prelaunch

I just discovered a social community called Ojeez at a network marketing forum. It was written that the community started their prelaunch in May and that it´s free to join. It has been designed and created with the purpose of providing the entrepreneurial, work-at-home professional and small business owner a destination on the Internet where they can gain easy access to specialized tools and services.

Well, that sounds interesting to me. So, I decided to sign up to see what it was all about. Today I haven´t got access to anything other than to refer others to Ojeez. That´s probably because they are in prelaunch. I haven´t read all that I probably should read about when they launch and all of their services and how much money you can earn from this, but what I have found was that you get these tools when you sign up for free, I guess they are ready at launch (or maybe before)

1. Forums: Post your thoughts for everyone to see.
2. Groups: Create meeting places for like-minded people to share.
3. Videos: Upload, watch and share your video marketing messages or thoughts.
4. Music: Upload, listen to and share your messages, tunes and audio files.
5. Industry News: Search for, grab and control your favorite RSS feeds from anywhere on the web.
6. Events: Create, manage and share your own events, parties or sales.
7. Chat/Email: We don’t have to tell you about these do we?
8. Classifieds: Selling, trading, looking, our classifieds have many categories to choose from.
9. Audio/Video Conferencing: Just like Skype, free computer-to-computer calls and conferencing from anywhere in the world.
10. Document Sharing, File Sharing and more.
11. Contact Management System: Manage your contacts, find people interested in your products, set reminders for yourself, and control your calendar.
12. Customized Marketing System: Generate, manage and customize your very own marketing page.

Later on, they will be adding:

1. E-commerce: Create, manage and sell through your own e-commerce store.
2. Collaborative Documents: Simultaneously create and manage documents with your team or associates.
3. CRM: A system that has been designed to connect to every part of your business on Ojeez so you can become more effective, manage your information and create success.
4. Training: From basic to advanced methods that can assist you in reaching your business goals

As far as I can understand, everybody who joins will be “owners” of Ojeez. And they will distribute their income for everybody? Well, I must admit they I am not sure about this… but hopefully we will get some more detailed information soon.

Visit Ojeez and join this social community for entrepreneurial, work-at-home professional and small business owners.

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