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Ojeez Is Live And In Beta

Yesterday, just before I was going to bed I received information from Ojeez that their social networking site was live. I didn´t have time to do much about it, but I used about 5 minutes to look at it. I still haven´t got the time to do much about my Ojeez profile and the blog and the networking part, but I have visited it once more today and I have added a photo to my profile. It wasn´t as easy as I hoped, I actually spent probably five minutes to find out where to update my profile. And at the moment, I can´t remember where I updated it. Hopefully the next time I am going to update it I will not be in such a hurry, and I will realize that it was a lot easier than I thought.

To me, after only two visits to Ojeez, the site looks very professional and I think that it might become a very popular one. And I think that this might be a site that people involved in network marketing will need. It will help marketers to exchange ideas and it will help them get new “friends” in the business. One of the great things about it, is that it combines the power of blogging and social networking (like Yahoo! 360).

One thing that I miss information about is the income opportunity, how will the members be earning money from it and how many levels is the matrix (what kind of a matrix is it). At the moment I guess all members are waiting for some promotional tools, like banners and prewritten sales letters. As soon as they appear at the membership site will probably have a lot more than 10,000 members.

I am looking forward to see what the future will bring to ojeez. The president, Jim Lupkin, was very open in his e-mail telling all members that Ojeez was in beta mode and that if we have any suggestions to how Ojeez can improve or find any spelling errors or whatever, we should all be contacting support. I like this from the guys at the top, it´s great that they want to reach out to all members and want them to improve the site.

… and wasn´t that typical? Just when I clicked publish and tried to visit Ojeez, I found the following message at their site:

Ojeez officially launched last night with our Beta version and the response has been absolutely overwhelming. In the last 24 hours over thousands of profiles have begun to take shape and numerous blogs were created. The response is stunning and humbling, however much like any new piece of technology, we have found some problems and in order to complete repair of these issues we have to put the site under maintenance for the next several hours. It is our passion and mission to make Ojeez the best business social networking site on the web today, but for the moment we simply need your understanding and patience so that we can identify the problem and rectify it.

I guess they are not live after all 🙂

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  1. Tim Linden says:

    Just use your judgment. If it really is a super secret offer, then don’t post it. And if it is super secret, they’d say specifically in the email not to send out the link. Which would probably happen anyway LOL

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