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Oh No, Not Again

I’m one of the worst technical guys on the planet. There’s been so many problems with my blog lately, I almost quit blogging.

About an hour ago, I bought Phantom Link Cloaker 2.0, a brand new and very easy to install link cloaker – at least that’s what the sales page says.

It comes with our super easy install wizard and all the tutorial videos and manuals.

Guess what.

I can’t install it. I am having problems with the license. Everything seems to be perfect, except that I can’t get the license to work.

I always end up with the same message when I try to log in.

Error – Your license code is invalid.

Finally. I had to contact support.

At the moment, it seems that all I’m doing is contacting support.


I have received several messages from support, and finally, they think they know the reason for the error. This was the message I just received:

Please find out from your wordpress hosting company if they allow the php function fsocketopen to access other domains.

Once that’s enabled… it should fix it.

Another update:

I have just received messages from support at Dreamhost and Linksky. They didn’t allow fsocketopen to access other domains. So, I can’t use Phantom Link Cloaker. Therefore, I have just asked for a refund. Too bad, I was really looking forward to use it.

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