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Oh No, Google has acquired FeedBurner

My first thought was oh no, when I heard that Google had acquired FeedBurner. Feedburner has been my buddy for a few months now, and I have been so pleased with them. I have asked them questions, and their support has been outstanding. And now?

My experience with Google has not been outstanding. Their support when it comes to AdSense has taken many days, and their answers has been automated or at least it seems that way. I was banned a while ago, I lost more than $100 without any further explanation other than that they experienced some irregularities on my site (it was something like that). I wrote them a few emails and asked what they meant by that, but their answers were that they couldn´t reveal anything because it was business secrets. Ok, I was screwed… and I have almost forgotten all about it, well, untill today.

What will happen to my ads from FeedBurner, I am actually earning money from them. With Google as the new owner they might find a way to shut me off again. I have tried to get a new AdSense account several times after I was banned, I thought that I could try again and see if I could understand why I was banned and to see if I could earn more money from AdSense. But they won´t have me as a member, but if I pay them by using AdWords, then everything is ok.

I am a little worried and at the same time I am a little curious to see what will happen to my account with FeedBurner. Will I get the same amount of advertisements to my site (and earn the same kind of money) or will AdSense and FeedBurner be the same system in a few months? And by that I will either be still banned or I will be back in business with AdSense?

If I hate Google or I don´t trust Google or whatever, I have a choice if I want to discontinue with the FeedBurner Ads and their RSS feed subscription service. According to the FeedBurner site:

Service of FeedBurner publisher accounts will not be interrupted as a result of the acquisition by Google. You will have a 14-day interim period ending June 15, 2007 to opt-out of allowing Google to service your account. If you take no action by June 15, 2007, the rights to your data will transfer from FeedBurner to Google.

I sort of enjoy Google and I trust them, even though I probably should be a little upset with them, I will not do anything with my account at FeedBurner. I will just sit back and watch, and hopefully I will not be dissapointed.

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