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Now you see me

It’s not enough to be seen. It’s not enough to be noticed. It feels good though, but it’s not enough.

Now you see me. But, then what?

Your first love. Most likely she was the one that got away. All she did was look at you, once. She smiled. You got that fantastic feeling. A few seconds later, she looked in a different direction. She never noticed you again. You got your chance. I still remember talking to my friends; she turns me on.

Your first love is a lot like traffic. If you don’t do anything about it, all she’ll do is notice you. She might nod. She might give you a smile. But that’s it. Read the digital marketing strategy; you need traffic, conversion and economics. It’s the same when it comes to love.

When you’ve got her attention, you need a plan to turn the attention into something more. You want to let go, you want her to stay with you. Talk to her, make her smile, do something to make her remember you, and eventually you’ll get a yes every single time.

Don’t just focus on traffic. It’s how your first love got away. It’s how your customers smile at you, and never come back.

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