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Now You Can Use Facebook Chat

This week you can start chatting using Facebook. From before, you could communicate with your friends by sending messages to their inbox, and by poking them and by posting messages on their walls. None of these services are in real-time.

I think it’s very interesting to have the possibility to chat using Facebook instead of MSN or AIM or whatever other service I have been using earlier. I am still using MSN on a daily basis, and sometimes I am using Google Talk (maybe once a month or so).

A lot of people seems to be losing interest in Facebook, but they are still one of the largest social networks and they are still growing, with more than 70 million active users as I am writing this.

I am not sure if the real-time chat is live yet or not. According to their blog it should be working sometime during this week, but according to some of their users, the chat application is not working yet.

I think that this might be the real-time chat application we are waiting for.

But What do I expect from the Facebook Chat and why should I start using it?

The programmers at Facebook are top notch, and I expect the new application to be among the best chat softwares around. I am not expecting that it will have the coolest features around, that might be because I don’t really care about cool features. I want it to be the best at what I want it to do, I want to be able to chat with my contacts at Facebook and I want it to be able to send attachments, that’s probably all I really want.

Many of my friends are not using chat software, but many of them are members of Facebook. This way, it will be possible to get them to start using chat as a way to communicate. They don’t have to register for a new service, they just need to do the one-click-install.

Another reason that I think that the new chat application is very interesting is that it can be used for marketing purposes and not only to be communicating with your friends.

I have a problem with Facebook; many of my real friends are members and I have some contact with them using it (not much though), and many people with similar interests as mine are my friends on Facebook. If I start to use Facebook purely as a way to market my business, I would also be showing all my friends what I am doing, and I really don’t want my real friends to be part of my marketing lifestyle (if I can call it that).

So, to me Facebook is a two-faced-monster (well, maybe not a monster, but it sounded cool). On the one side, it’s all my real friends doing whatever friends are doing, on the other hand I have people interested in marketing.

With this new real-time chat, I think it might be easier to communicate with all the people who are interested in marketing, and I might be using Facebook more as a way to get people to visit my blog and to share my views on marketing.

By the way, I am accepted all my visitors to my blog as friends on Facebook. Just visit my profile and add me as a friend, and if you like what I am writing, please leave a comment, but that’s optional of course.

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  1. Sahmarie says:

    Please help me i really want to login to facebook
    can someone help me my name is sah-,arie i am 9 years old

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