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Noni Global Builder

I have heard of Tahitian Noni International. This is a well known network marketing company. I have yet to try their products, but I haven´t heard anything negative. The company is really successful, and of course this company is something to consider if you would like to start your “work-from-home” business.

Today, I received information that they have launched a new system to help you build your downline. Just listen to this:

Take one of the world’s most successful Network Marketing Companies and integrate it with an online business building system and you have a unique approach to MLM. The team at Noni Global Builder believe that the optimum way to achieve a strong downline is by sponsoring in only 3 people. They suggest that most successful marketers only have 3 key people on their frontline anyway. To that end they have created a 3 x matrix for their website. When someone visits the distibutors website they are placed in the next available position in that perons matrix, enabling rapid and worldwide growth for that distibutors business.

Read the press release.

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