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Nobody uses Google Talk

It’s dark outside and it’s cold, colder than in a long time now. I live in Norway if you are wondering. The wood in the fireplace are burning and it’s oh so quite. So what do I do now?

Well, first I just had to start my laptop to check if I have received any new e-mail and of course I had to check MSN to see if any interesting people was online.

As soon as I logged on I started to think about all the various IM clients, I know a few and there are probably a few I don’t know about. This made me think about Google Talk, I don’t think that I know one single person who uses it. I have tried it, but that was a few hours after it was released to the public.

I am sure it’s really good, as most of Google’s software and services are, but how many are using the Google Talk? To me it doesn’t seem to be a success, at least not so far. I have been searching the web to see if I found some information about it, and I found some intersting links.

It seems that people agree that Google Talk might not be a huge success, but we should probably look out – when Google starts something it usually becomes an addiction to its users 🙂

Here are two interesting links regarding Google Talk:

And by the way, I use GAIM as my instant message client. It’s free and it’s great. On my mac I use Adium X, I like that one even better (and it’s free as well).

It would be interesting to read what other people use, to me it seems that MSN is the most popular one, even for us online marketers. I don’t like it, so I don’t use the software, but still I need the network to be able to chat with my friends.

How about you?

PS. now it’s time to relax, eat pizza and watch some TV. It’s finally friday evening ….

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