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No More Members Allowed

During my years of marketing, I have witnessed many very profitable services vanish from the face of the Internet. I have witnessed many scams, and I have seen interesting services come and go. The most interesting part though, is not all the scams, because there are too many of them, and I don’t think that there are problems related to recognizing them anymore. I think that the most interesting part is to become a member of something very profitable or something very knowledgeable, especially when they decide to close the doors for new members.

I have found a few services way too late, sometimes only a few weeks or even a few days after they decided not to allow any new members. That’s really frustrating, especially when you hear about the service from trusted sources.

Then, you have to join their mailing list, and wait for the doors to open. Sometimes they open up after a few months, sometimes they never do. I don’t like the waiting lists. But sometimes that’s the only way you’ll be able to join the most profitable Internet marketing services.

The reason I am writing about this today, is because I have just received the news that Become A Blogger Premium are closing its doors this Friday. No new members will be allowed. It’s only four and seven hours left as I am writing this.

It makes me a little sad. I have been a member since the day Gideon and Yaro launched it, and I am really impressed of the videos and tutorials. I am not sure if it’s possible to create better videos, because they are really packed with information and they are really easy to follow.

I have read many books about blogging, and I have read Blogging to the Bank 2 and 3. I have even been a member of Yaro’s Blog Mastermind. But I have to say that Become a Blogger Premium is different, yes, it’s even better than Blog Mastermind. To me, it’s obvious why it’s so much better. It’s because it’s all about videos. All the content are presented by videos instead of text, images or just audio. When it comes to learning, nothing beats video.

The reason it makes me a little sad that they decided to close the doors for new members, is because I remember like it was yesterday, how it feels to not be able to join a service that you really need to join or a service you have heard so many positive things about.

I am not sure why they decided not to allow any new members, but it might be because they want their membership to be for only 1000 people. The more people that knows the “secrets”, the less of a secret the blogging strategies will be, or something like that. At the moment, they have 850 members. I am only guessing when it comes to the reason for closing the doors though. I could send an email to Yaro or Gideon and ask them for the reason, but that’s really not important to me. What’s important is that I am a member and will be for the months a head.

If you have been thinking about learning how to become a professional blogger, how to earn an income from writing a blog (using no more than 2 – 3 hours a day), then you should really take a closer look at Become a Blogger Premium today. And be sure to decide if you want to join before this Friday.

Become a Blogger Premium closes it’s doors to new members.

PS. if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to post them as comments. 

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