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No More Google Ads inside YouTube Videos

I have just been watching a video on YouTube about how to make pizza dough. I wasn’t looking for anything to write about at all, and I wasn’t thinking about marketing. Actually, all I was thinking about was “how to make the best pizza dough”.

But then, after watching one of the videos for about 30 seconds or so, I saw an advertisement inside the video. It sort of popped up from nowhere, just as I was concentrated on the making of the pizza dough.

It wasn’t just one ad, every thirty seconds or so a new advertisement appeared. They were all Google Ads, and it was the first time I had ever seen Google Ads inside YouTube videos.

I wasn’t impressed at all, it was just distracting.

I have a link to the pizza dough video at the bottom of this post, this way you can see the Google Ads and tell me if you think they are distracting or if you like them (or whatever you think about them).

Now, what I think was even more interesting is that usually Google Ads are very targetted. If I am reading a website about Pizza dough, usually, all the ads from Google Ads are related to pizza (dough) or at least about similar food.

The ads from this pizza dough video was not really targeted at all, well, maybe two or three of them.

One of the advertisment tried to set me up with some sexy girls.

Another advertisement told me how to lose my fat belly (I don’t consider this related to pizza, even though some people that eat pizza might need to lose some weight).

Another advertisement was very interesting, it was telling me about how I can become a millionaire. Wow, that’s something, and I was only looking for the perfect pizza dough.

Here’s the pizza dough video, look at the bottom of the video for the advertisements (well, you can’t really miss them).

I have a dream, that I won’t be seeing advertisement inside YouTube videos in the future, because I don’t think it’s a good idea at all. I realize that sometimes it’s all about the money, and that an even bigger profit is probably the only reason why Google launched this option.

I am not sure how this works with Google Adwords. If there is an option where advertisers can decide if they want their ads to show inside videos or not? I am not going to try it (even though it might be something you should be doing if you are an advertiser).

Please Google, no more Advertisements inside YouTube videos. It’s just too darn distracting.

4 responses to “No More Google Ads inside YouTube Videos”

  1. Sam says:

    How do you stop those TEXT ADS BY GOOGLE at the bottom of youtube video’s they are over the top of everything…


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