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No Feed Summary

I finally did it. I have decided to go all the way with my feeds.

That did sound kind of spooky 🙂

I haven´t had all my contents in my feeds so far, but after reading a post somewhere (can´t remember where) about the pros and cons regarding all content or just a summary in your feeds, I decided to go for 100% content. The reason why I decided to go with a summary in the first place was that I thought my readers would come to my blog to read the rest of the post. Some probably do, but I am not doing that on other blogs (well, probably on some, but mostly I am not doing it).

I like to read everything in my feed reader, I don´t want just a teaser and then have to click to come to the actual site. It takes too long and too many clicks to do this. Not on just one post and on one blog, but I am subscribing to hundreds of feeds (at least that´s how it feels and looks). And if I am going to read a bunch of interesting posts, I prefer to get them in my feed reader. So why shouldn´t my readers have it the same way?

I had to read it at another blog to realize what I was doing. From today you get everything when you subscribe to my blog.

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