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No Commissions For You My Friend

When I talked to support at Affiliate Silver Bullet about a week ago, it reminded me of an old episode of Seinfeld. Do you remember the Soup Nazi?

I am not sure why, because the episode and the message from the support at Affiliate Silver Bullet wasn’t really that similar. All they said was that I would get my commission, but they just didn’t know when.

I was a little puzzled at first, because a lot of strange things has happened at Affiliate Silver Bullet lately. They have upgraded the system to a new version, and now it’s closed to new members and current members don’t have to pay the monthly fees anymore.

At the moment we are all waiting for an even newer version, and because of this, we have to wait for our commissions to be paid as well.

Who knows when I will receive my commission, and I am still waiting for my support ticket to be answered.

I am a little concerned that the guy answering it will be the soup nazi saying “No commission for you”.

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