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No chargebacks from Stormpay

A few days ago one of my friends received money from Stormpay. He did a chargeback to Stormpay on all the money that he had invested in 12 daily pro. A few weeks later he received the money. He told me that I should be doing the same. About two days later, I received an e-mail from Stormpay telling me that they would not accept any chargebacks. Below is the words in the e-mail from Stormpay:

The S.E.C. has issued a standing order preventing chargebacks against those purchases/investments.  Any customer requesting a chargeback or refund either through their credit card issuer or bank are in violation of the order. Specifically, users are prohibited from “using self help (including, without limitation, initiating or processing chargebacks of any monies used to purchase or upgrade membership units in or with 12DP) or executing or issuing or causing the execution or issuance of any court attachment, subpoena, replevin, execution or other process for the purpose of impounding or taking possession of or interfering with”.

If you have invested any money in 12 daily pro, I don´t believe that you will ever see the money. Even though the owner have told us several times that we will, I don´t understand how this is possible anymore.

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