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Niche marketing

One way to become successful not only online but offline, is to involve yourself in niche marketing.

According to Wikipedia a niche can be defined as:

… a special place within the scheme of things. It sometimes denotes the function or position of a thing within a structure.

In marketing it involves very specific interests, for example not Internet marketing in general, but targeting a specific group of people or a specific interest.

I have a good example (I think), it might be very far off, but I will give it a try.

One group of people that nobody usually involves in marketing campaigns or when thinking of new products and services are; well, you probably would never guess this if I hadn’t told you:

Drug addicts!

Yes. This group of people might not be many in your town, but quite a few in your country, and on a global scale, many! I don’t have a number at hand, but they are many. I believe that this group is also awake a few hours of the day (I don’t know much about them) and that they read (at least some of them).

Why not start a magazine, online/offline strictly for drug addicts? It could be features as interviews with drug addicts from around the world, how they manage to get by, interviews with former drug addicts, how they managed to quit and how they are doing. Well, it’s tons of stuff you could include.

This is just an example of a niche I really don’t think exists. It might already be a magazine for this group of people, I don’t know. If you start thinking, you could probably find many niches where you could make a lot of money. The clue is really just your imagination.

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