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Niche Marketing – The Most Important Research

niche marketing

I have always been fascinated by niche marketing and especially with the process of finding the niche. To me, a niche should always be related to something you’re truly passionate about, and that’s the only way to guarantee success in niche marketing. Today I want to show you exactly what I did to find a fairly narrow niche with 201,000 local searches a month, and fairly low competition.

Niche marketing – a definition

Niche marketing is more or less the opposite of the mainstream market. A niche is a small and narrowly defined group of potential customers.

You probably already know how much I love pizza. Pizza is a huge market, but it can be considered a niche in the food industry. But, a better example of niche marketing, would be to focus on calories in pizza. That would be a niche focusing on potential customers who are concerned with diet and calories combined with pizza. You might not think that this is a huge market, but just wait a moment and watch the video below.

A niche could be close to anything and niche marketing is about finding the niche, and how to market it. I’ll show you the first steps of niche marketing, by using Long Tail Pro (read my review of Long Tail Pro, I’ve also included a video in that post).

Video of the first steps of Niche Marketing

I decided to create a video of how I use Long Tail ProΒ to find a niche. The first steps includes:

  1. Using a broad keyword that you’re passionate about (pizza)
  2. Doing a search to find a specific keyword (calories in pizza)
  3. Finding an available domain (
  4. Looking at the competition (the top 10 in Google)

Niche marketing is a lot more than what you’ve seen in the video, what I’ve done is to just cover the basics. One thing I haven’t talked about in niche marketing is to find a niche where you’ll understand that you’ll be able to earn money. The easiest way is probably to look at advertisers (in AdWords, by using Long Tail Pro). If there are advertisers, there is a market.

Your turn: What’s your view on niche marketing?

I’m still not involved in niche marketing. But, I love to play around with the tools and I love to think about what I should be doing when (or if) I start a new site. Like I said in the video, one of the easiest ways to earn money from niche marketing might be to start a blog and add Google AdSense to it. Especially for a keyword with apx. 201,000 searches a month – but in the end, it’s all about passion.

That’s my opinion.


54 responses to “Niche Marketing – The Most Important Research”

  1. Joseph Hipolito says:

    Hi Jens, Love to see this post, because I need to learned more about this Niche, That’s why I’m glad to see this in here keep it up sir..

  2. Zaid says:

    Hmmm that is actually very interesting, I would like to thank you very much for sharing such useful tip.

    I would also like to try it myself, something to do with employment and recruitment, this is my main task now and I think the competition is high, but I will know better when I test your method.

    Thanks alot again for sharing, great video, keep the good work my friend.

  3. Alexandre Horn says:

    Good Jens! Niche Marketing is “of hour” how say here… “Curti” your post! AH =)

  4. Steve says:


    Love the pizza analogy. Maybe because I love pizza too! All I can say is this article made me hungry! πŸ˜‰

    I know you know I totally agree with your points. You do certainly do need to boil down those broad keywords into the ones that actually work.

  5. hcg pellets says:

    Hi Jens I love this post and Niche is most important for research..

  6. Alex Geeks says:

    I know there is three main markets health, wealth and lifestyle and there are lots of different niches we can you can choose. Its a basic step to get our niche.

    • Hi Alex,

      That’s right. The top three, health, wealth and lifestyle will always be around no matter what happens, and we need to build tiny, targeted niches in any of the three.

      Thanks a lot for your comment.

  7. Sergio Felix says:

    Hey Jens,

    First of all, WOW man, that introduction video was the BOMB!!!

    And second, great to know you’re playing around with niche research, I am new to this and I already planned a site but I haven’t been able to work with it yet as you know I have been working with offline clients recently.

    However, I am DEFINITELY going to jump into niche based sites and maybe even one or two authority sites as I don’t want to have just one source of income.

    With Calories In Pizza you could target all types of pizza and also the big pizza makers, maybe even have a script for a calorie counter, the possibilities are practically endless.

    And yeah, I think Adsense would be the first thing to think about and think of a nice theme that has a high natural CTR.

    The Page Rank was a bit scary but as you said, if you’re passionate enough, then you may build an authority site and don’t care about PR at all.

    Long Tail Pro looks very good man but I’m sticking with Market Samurai. πŸ˜‰

    Great video, well done!

    • Hi Sergio,

      The reason why I am using Long Tail Pro, is not because it’s any better than Market Samurai. I actually don’t know. But I love how easy it is to use LTP and how fast it is, and that it helps me find exactly what I’m looking for in a matter of minutes. I guess I would do the same with Market Samurai. But, what’s important is that we do the research, because the research is very important.

      Happy Friday Sergio, and thanks a lot for the comment.

  8. personalised items says:

    This is very informative. I heard about Niche marketing and never had a chance to know the meaning and the importance. I will try it. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Nicholle Olores says:

    Very well said Jens, I heard so much about the importance of niche marketing. It is really important to gather more relevant information before doing it. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Nicholle,

      I believe that the reason why niche marketing is so important is that it’s so targeted, and when it’s targeted to the right audience, it’s so much easier to sell. But the research is very important.

  10. Ileane says:

    Hey Jens, I agree with Sergio, that is an awesome video intro!
    I love how you are going deeper into the steps you take in Long Tail Pro. I keep trying to compare it to Market Samurai and they seem very similar so far. One thing I live about LTP is that the reports are bigger and easier to read! Keyword research is important for setting up niche sites or if you are thinking about buying a site as well.
    I’m subscribed to your YouTube channel so I can follow along with your vids. Thanks so much!

    • Thanks a lot. I’m trying to get better at creating videos, and at least now I have an awesome intro πŸ™‚

      I believe LTP and Market Samurai are very similar. The only differences I have heard of is how fast LTP is compared to Market Samurai, and I’m not sure if you actually log in to Google Adwords when you are using Market Samurai?

      Anyway, thanks a lot for the comment, and I’ll try to create even better videos in the future πŸ™‚

  11. Brain says:

    Hey, you have got really a wonderful presentation all about niche marketing. Though I was well aware about those keywords stuff but I am interested to know which tool you used to find those things. Niche marketing seems to be most profitable way to make money online but if done properly.

  12. Carol Lynn says:

    This is a great idea, often overlooked. many people do not realize that when it comes to research you really have to work at it. You can’t expect to go to Google and come up with all the answers in 5 minutes. But it’s incredibly important if you want to uncover opportunities and really figure out how to make an impact. The more of a niche you can carve out, the more likely you’ll be to reach just the people you want, and just the people who want what you have to offer.

    • Hi Carol Lynn,

      Absolutely. I used to do a few minutes research on Google before I started writing my articles, and that’s nothing compared to what I am doing now (mostly for my clients). Using the right tools and the right methods are very important when it comes to SEO and to get the right traffic.

  13. Bill Dorman says:

    I can equate this to my day job; there are producers who are generalists and there are producers who specialize, have a niche. For the most part, I see the specialist out perform the generalists.

    If you are serious about all of this it certainly behooves you to drill down to a certain degree and find the niche that not only works for you, but interests you as well.

    You mean to say there are calories in pizza?

    • Hey Bill,

      I haven’t been thinking a lot about the insurance business. But, to me, it looks like there are mostly generalists in Norway, but I’m probably mistaken πŸ™‚

  14. Morris says:

    Wow! I have read so many articles on niche markets lately. I got my nose into it some time back but did not take it seriously. Time to change!
    And yes, a slice of pizza would taste good.

  15. Hi Jens,

    I love the idea of working with these tools to create a new site focused on a particular niche. I have often wondered about creating another blog down the road and it’s great to know about tools like LTP, but that, Sir is way, way off.

    Sergio and Ileane are right. That is a very impressive video intro! Great job … just subscribed to your YouTube channel myself.

    How many pizzas are the Bergets consuming this weekend?

    • Hi Craig,

      I’ve been waiting for a long time to create a niche site as well. And it’s not time to create it yet. Actually, I have no idea when I’ll be creating my first one. But, I’m playing around with LTP to find various niches, and I’m using it for my clients to help them with SEO. It’s an awesome tool.

      Thanks a lot for the kind words about my video intro πŸ™‚

      I’m not sure if I will be eating pizza this weekend, but now that you got me thinking about pizza, I’m sure that I’ll make one myself on Saturday πŸ™‚

  16. Ammara Wasim says:

    Hi Jens!
    Thanks a lot for clearing my mind about niche marketing. Because till i was confused about this topic but now i am clear. Well done.

  17. Laura says:

    I start looking to buy something expensive and something over $100 is expensive in my eyes, I do a little research.

  18. Adrienne says:

    I’m going to agree also with everyone else so far Jens, love your intro. That’s unique and something I’ve not seen before. Great job with that creation.

    I know that I need a better keyword tool. I’ve been using Micro Niche for about two years now and I get so tired of them updating it SO much and it not working properly. I’ve used Marketing Samuri before but I admit, it confuses me so I was never able to use it the way I should. This keyword tool looks so much more simpler so you mentioned in some of the other comments that there is a great comparison between the two! I thought Marketing Samuri had a lot more detailed information but the again, if you don’t know how to use it, it does us no good right.

    Great post on finding niches you’re passionate about Jens. Thank you for walking us through this.


    • Hi Adrienne,

      Thank you so much for the kind words.

      I love Long Tail Pro, and I use it on a daily basis. Even Marcus (the sales lion) has become an affiliate, and I believe it’s the only product he promotes, that says a lot about the quality of Long Tail Pro πŸ™‚

      • Adrienne says:

        That’s good to know Jens so if I do decide to invest in this one I’ll get it through your link okay! I’ll head back over to your post where you wrote about it.

        Thanks for letting me know.


        • That would be awesome πŸ™‚

          But, take your time. I don’t want to rush you into anything. I probably spent months to decide if I was going to buy Market Samurai or Long Tail Pro πŸ™‚

  19. conference gifts says:

    researching will always be one of those basic and core things to be done when it comes to niche and internet marketing. Since you need a lot of facts and information for the basis of your reasons and choices.

  20. Sylviane Nuccio says:

    Hi Jens,

    Niche marketing is right up my alley. For there years I have been working with niche marketing and even helped others to find their specific niche.

    First, I wanted to say that I agree with you that YOU MUST love your niche. However, I know a bunch of affiliate marketers who think different. But to me how much are you going to be able to write about something you don’t like or have no interest in? Unless you can afford to pay someone to write for you.

    Nowadays it’s very difficult to be able to make money with broad niches, so niche marketing is really the answer to affiliate marketing success.

    • Hi Sylviane,

      I have been looking for a niche for a long time, but I’m still searching. The thing is, I know several niches that I more or less love, but I’m not sure how to monetize them, or if it would be possible to create a lot of content. But, I’ll end up creating at least one niche site during 2012, but I have no clue what it will be about πŸ™‚

      I know that there are a lot of different opinions about whether you need to love the niche or not, but to me there’s not an option really. I could never work on something I don’t have a passion for.

  21. Sonia says:

    Great tool. I am actually creating a network right now and there are tons of keywords associated with my topic, but this tool would be perfect for what I am working on and helps me narrow down what works what doesn’t. I like that this program gets to the point and helps to see how you can choose keywords best for your business. Thanks Jens…and I got Optin Skin to work great. Thanks again for that tip too!

    • Hi Sonia,

      I just love Long Tail Pro. I use it every single day to find keywords, and see how I am ranked and all sorts of research. I haven’t created a niche site for myself yet, but it works great for blog posts too. And I especially use it for my clients to find some high traffic keywords with low competition πŸ™‚

      Let me know if you have any questions.

      I’m so glad that Optin Skin works great. That’s become one of my favorite plugins as well πŸ™‚

  22. Donna Merrill says:

    Hey Jens, You have given me a great opportunity here by all your research. I am starting to pay more attention to this subject, rather than doing business randomly. I must say that video Rocks and thank you for introducing me to Long Tail Pro. This looks like it will make life a little easier for me.
    Thanks again,

  23. Andreas Pazer says:

    Hi Jens, Love to see this post, because I need to learned more about this Niche, That’s why I’m glad to see this in here keep it up sir..

  24. Lisa says:

    Thanks for the free eBook, I look forward to reading it and I’ve been using more long tail keywords on one of our retail websites. It really does work. There is so much competition on one or 2 word keywords for most brands and products. It does take many months and years to breakthrough on them. Great post with an eBook to start and video. Very nice!

    • Hi Lisa,

      I hope you’ll enjoy the eBook.

      I have been testing some long tail keywords as well, but I just started doing that type of research recently. But, I am already ranking at the top 5 for some high quality keyword related to my niche, so I’m very happy with the research I’ve been doing lately πŸ™‚

  25. Akos Fintor says:

    Hey Jens,

    Informative post but as you said at the end it all boils down to passion.
    I came from a very negative background and a stiff&narrow mindset.
    I started reading self help and personal development books about 3 years ago and now I just can’t stop the snowball effect of self growth. I’m one of the most optimistic person I know πŸ™‚ and I welcome challenges and problems as a chance to learn and grow whereas years ago I used to run from them as fast as I could.
    Now I’m not afraid to fail; I actually attack things I’m afraid of.
    So in nutshell what I’m trying to say here is “follow your bliss” as cliche as it sounds.
    When you do that you’re already a success because you’re not doing for a particular outcome.

    Thanks for the share!

    • Hey Akos,

      Yes, passion is what it’s all about. I believe that if you have the passion, you’ll automatically hustle, and you’ll keep doing that forever (because you don’t want to stop).

      I have been reading some personal development books as well, and I really enjoyed the books by Anthony Robbins. And they’ve helped me change my mindset, from negative to positive. And understanding that it’s actually fun to fail, because we learn so much from it.

      Great to have you over Akos. Stay awesome πŸ™‚

  26. Cat Alexandra says:

    Hi Jens,

    Oh this is a fun subject! I have been learning a bit about niche marketing lately due to some research I’ve been doing on how to create high conversions in harvest blogs. Fascinating topic! I have found that the niche research is indeed the most important place to start to pick something worthy, profitable, and hopefully enjoyable to work with!

    I didn’t know about Long Tail Pro either, as I’m in beginning stages of learning on this topic, so thanks for the great tip!

    Much appreciated, Jens. Looking forward to poking around your site more!

    Best regards,
    Cat Alexandra

    • Hi Cat,

      That sounds very interesting. I have been doing some research for clients lately for topics not related to marketing, and that got me really excited. But, most of my research and niche marketing has been related to some marketing topic. But, no matter what niche I’ve been researching a service like Long Tail Pro has been very important to me. I used to use the free Google Keyword Tool, but it took a lot more time to do it, and it wasn’t as easy to use and I didn’t get as much details.

      Talk to you soon πŸ™‚

  27. I think it is always good to listen from your heart and decide which niche you are interested to right. In greed to get more traffic and more profit unwillingly you choose niche which have more searches but at end you will not be able to fulfill your passion which result that you are going to get success on that niche.

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