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Niche Browser might be really Helpful

I discovered this new web browser today. It`s called Niche Browser and it looks very interesting to me, even though I am not into the niche business. The man behind it is Jason Moffatt. I don`t know who he is, but I have a feeling that this isn`t the last interesting product from this guy.

What is Niche Browser?

I am actually not sure. I haven`t downloaded it yet, because I am using a Mac and read somewhere that you have to download and install this browser on a PC running windows. But now I can`t find the place where I read this, so I might have to sign up and see for myself if it`s true or not. Well, I don`t think that I have ever installed a product aimed at Internet marketers that actually works on a Mac. (I probably have, but I just can`t remember it at the moment)

The Niche Browser is 100% free, but why is it an affiliate program then and how can affiliates earn money promoting a free product? My guess is that Jason Moffatt is having a OTO sale (one time offer) as soon as you sign up for this free browser, you get the question if you want to buy something and you would have to do it now, or you will never get this offer ever again. He is using ClickBank, so if you have a ClickBank account you can start earning money by promoting Niche Browser.

I almost got lost in my own words here for a moment. I am trying to figure out what Niche Browser is all about. It got to be more than “just” a browser; if you look at the sales page at, you can see that by submitting the URL of a specific site in the query box, you get all sorts of interesting information regarding the site.

…but will this information be any more helpful than Google or any other search engine? I am not sure, but that`s probably because I haven`t used Niche Browser myself yet.

My guess is that if you are looking for keywords for your niche, and if you are looking for information to use regarding a specific niche, then this type of browsers can help you save a lot of time. But will it be a tool that can earn you a lot of money, and will it be the difference between success or failure? Well, I have no idea… but if it`s really 100% it probably won`t hurt to test it for a few weeks.

I found a few other sites with information about Niche Browser, you might want to read the posts at, For The Record and before you decide to give it a try or not.

If you have tried Niche Browser yourself, I would be very interested to hear your opinion.

4 responses to “Niche Browser might be really Helpful”

  1. Simon Rolfe says:

    McDonalds isn’t Evil:) they are just successfull, while some may question their methods you can’t deny their success.

    In fact, in some markets, the McDonalds Playground may be one of the safest places for kids to play … no cars, no needles, well maintained equipment and few thugs.

    While McDonalds sells a great deal of product, they also make a great deal of money from their Real Estate holdings and that was Ray Kroc’s real gift to the McDonalds franchise system.

    Simon Rolfe, Senior Partner
    Creative Genius Communications Inc.
    (613) 830-4208

  2. Jens says:

    Thanks Simon, the video was very interesting.

    I remember a few years ago when the largest milk manufacturer in Norway was launching a new product for kids. There was a lot of discussions about them in the newspapers and on TV when we heard that they had used Child Psychologists to form the milk cartons with colors and drawings.

  3. Hi Simon,

    Thank you for your comments. I agree with you that McDonald´s are successful and that their playgrounds are safe (at least they look safe).

    I am only questioning their marketing methods and that they are targeting children. It might be ok to target children through their parents, for instance by convincing parents that they have to take their children to McDonald´s because it looks like a great place. But I don´t like it when companies goes directly to the children.

  4. Wahoo says:

    Thank you for sharing!

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