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Next Big Internet Marketing Technique

I have already seen it on at least three major releases during the past days, and I think that this is an Internet marketing technique that we will be experiencing more and more in the weeks or months ahead.

You might not know what I am talking about, maybe you haven’t seen anything different. I am a little annoyed at this new development, and I really do hope that not too many people will be using it, even though I understand that it can really make a difference when it comes to sales.

Still don’t know what I am talking about?

Well, I haven’t actually revealed anything, have I?

I will give you two examples:

If you visit the latest from Ewen Chia, his Super Affiliates Inner Circle Marketing Club and then visit the latest from Joel Comm, his Secret Classroom. Now, try to leave the sites.

Do you see what is happening? A new window opens up, well, actually two new windows opens up. Both Ewen and Joel are trying to make you stay at their sites, and they are doing it by opening up windows where you can chat with a sales agent just when you are about to leave.

This sales agent will offer you a huge discount and a one time offer, at least that’s what the messages are saying. I haven’t stayed to actually chat with any of them.

This is an annoying feature, but I understand why they are using it. My guess is that they will make a lot more sales by implementing this technique.

4 responses to “Next Big Internet Marketing Technique”

  1. Jens says:

    I really hope that they will keep the price the same as they did with Keword Elite and SEO Elite.

    If they are going to be charging a monthly fee, then I don*t think they should use a an entry fee as high as that.

    I would probably prefer a higher monthly fee instead of the $167. This way it would be easier to test the system and see if you like it.

    They could charge $49 a month or so instead, and if the system is as good as the other two, people will probably be members for a long time.

    But I would have preferred it to be a one time fee. And hopefully it will be, we haven’t seen any discussions about the price at their official site yet.

    I am not sure about the future of IM products, but the maintenance fees are probably here to stay, but then the price of the product needs to be a lot less.

  2. Ross says:

    It cut off half my comment…

    I wanted to add:

    That site mentions a $30/month ongoing fee IN ADDITION to the $167.

    Who knows if it’s true, but to me it seems a little bit like a sneaky reason to gain more revenue. Good marketing, but a little sneaky.

    I mean Keyword and SEO Elite prided themselves on their free, lifetime upgrades/support.

    What do you think Jens, are we going to see every new IM product come with a “maintenance fee” now?

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