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New year. New job.

I just watched my daughter swim. Next to me was another dad, watching his son, while talking to me about the evolution.

I’m not sure how the discussion started. But I do remember how it made me feel.

It’s not like we’re living in a time of boredom, he said, smiling. I remember when I could keep up with what’s happening and it felt like I had some kind of control. Now it’s just… impossible. My ten year old kid is doing things on his computer that I can only dream of doing, and who knows what else he’s up to, out there, on the Web. He said “the Web” like he was spitting out something filthy from his mouth.

On the other hand, he said, we don’t need to remember anything anymore. Everything is out there … in our pockets, in our hands, all the time.

The past and the present

During the conversation, I started to think about how old the conversation was making me feel. It’s fun and interesting to look back at times when things were completely different. And, it’s even more fun and interesting to recognize my feelings during a conversation like this.

It reminded me of my parents, and my grand parents. It felt like I was becoming them. Not that it’s bad. It was just a little too early.

If I just rewind a few more hours, to 1 pm, I was walking to the mall listening to a podcast about being relevant. And, once again, I just couldn’t control my emotions.

While I was walking, I was thinking about the Christmas gifts I was about to buy. The rain was pouring. The rain felt good. I was listening to the podcast, trying to think about the gifts to buy, but I figured what I was really doing was trying to suppress the thoughts about what’ll be happening on January 4th.

My new journey

January 4th will be the day I’ll be starting my new journey. I’ll be switching to a different job.

My new job is community development in the city of Halden (Norway). I’m very excited about the job, and it feels absolutely right to make the switch.

I don’t know what to expect. That’s why I keep trying to stop thinking about it. I have been working in marketing for many years, and even though I’ll keep adding my marketing strategies to the new job and to developing the city of Halden, what I’m about to enter, will be a completely different journey.

And, as part of the journey, I’ll need to adjust what I have been doing.

To blog or not to blog

I don’t know what’ll be doing about my blog. I’ll be making a decision during the month of December. I might do one of three things:

– keep writing
– change the topic(s)
– discontinue

It would be easy to just keep writing, even though things won’t be the same. I have switched to a completely different path, and my focus will be on different things. It’ll be more about leadership and community development as part of my job, and maybe more about minimalism, focus and time management on the personal level.

For weeks I’ve been considering letting it go. I’ve spent so much time, money and energy on it though. It would be hard to discontinue, and much easier to keep writing and just switch topics.

Stay tuned.

11 responses to “New year. New job.”

  1. Per-Erik says:

    I hope that you will keep on writing.. It’s really interesting to follow your blog! Good luck with your new job! And, at last, merry Christmas!

  2. Hi Jens,

    Thanks for sharing the story. Your new job will give you new perspective, new experience and new experiences… So yes, keep on writing!!! Old and new topics. You have a special skill and it is always a joy to read your blog! You write with a personal touch that is rare and precious simultaneously. (On the technical side not writing costs quite a bit in terms of the new email spam rules and it will be tedious to rebuild that. So please please, do keep on writing!)

    Wishing you a happy new year and a happy new job!
    Best regards,

    • Hi Christo

      Thank you. You are right. The new job will give me new perspectives and experiences. On the other hand, I’m not sure how to continue this blog. Should I just keep writing, but change the stories, or should I do something with the blog or start a new blog?

      • Hi Jens, I fully get your question. My view would be to keep the current blog. You have worked hard on the audience, seo and topics. You have built relationships and established trust. Keep the website. You can add your new topics and either tag or categories them differently, and perhaps create a sub-page to place those together. In my view since you have a solid base, just “expand” your topics into your current site. And/or you could slant your writing, inclusive of your new experiences back towards marketing, as they will in some way relate back anyway. Hope this helps. Best regards, Christo

  3. Josh says:

    Embrace the new job and have fun with it, but keep blogging. You’ll have stories to share and tell.

  4. Silke says:

    Congratulations on your new job! I agree in that you should continue blogging (if you have the time) as you do have a talent for writing and sharing your personal experiences! I certainly have enjoyed reading your blog posts over the past year.

    • Thank you! I don’t know how much time I’ll have in the new job, but your opinion is important to me and I will do my best to continue blogging.

      I’m not sure how I should be doing it though, if I should change the domain, or just keep writing on this blog with the same domain (sly marketing) even though it’ll be about something different.

      Let me know what you think.

  5. Tim Bonner says:

    Do you know Jens, when you mentioned to me you have a new job and what it was, I thought to myself that it’s the perfect job for you.

    Your enthusiasm and passion always shines through and that’s going to be a great asset in your new job.

    I’ve been thinking myself about whether to keep blogging or not but I’ve decided to continue. I think you should too. There’s so many more stories to tell!

    • Thank you Tim. I am very exited, and I can’t wait to get started in the new job. I don’t have much experience as a manager, and this is the first time I’ve worked for the city and it’s the first time in community development, but I’ll do my best.

      We had a short discussion on Twitter about whether we should keep blogging or not. And, you definitively should keep blogging. I read your latest post today and your journey is very interesting and the stories you’re telling are important too. You’re a great blogger. I’m still thinking about whether I should continue or not, and if I decide to continue, if I should change the domain name or not. But, to quote you “there are so many more stories to tell” so it would be very hard to just stop.

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