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The New Twitter Spam?

Lately, I’ve been receiving many tweets to my username (@berget) that hasn’t really been directed to me. They didn’t include a question, they didn’t include an RT, or anything related to anything about me other than my username. Well, they included affiliate links and my username. I think that’s the clue.

The way they are doing it is interesting. They’re not just publishing a regular tweet, that will end up in the timeline – this way it would just be ignored by most people. They are including usernames in their tweets, usually to people that they think will be interested in the product or service.

This way, the people sending the tweet will know that a few people will actually read the tweet, because they’re mentioned by their usernames.

A few times a day, I get messages related to affiliate marketing which includes an affiliate link and my username. At first it was ok, but not anymore.

Is this the new (at least new to me) Twitter spam?

Sometimes I’m mentioned in tweets that’s not even related to marketing at all. I sort of have to read it, since it’s directed to me by my username.

If you receive spam on Twitter, you should report it.

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