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New slogan for my new site

I have just been taking a bath and I came up with a new slogan while doing it. I have already told you a little about my new site, that it will be a directory for online marketing resources. A place where you will find everything you need and a place where you can advertise everything you are offering today.

So, the new slogan that I present to you today, for the first time ever is: [name of site] – where online marketers come to relax

I think that it actually says a lot and it´s a little funny as well. First, it´s a place where online marketers can promote everything without doing anything other than submit their ads and profile (that´s it), so that´s why I came up with it. After they have submitted everything, they can just sit back and relax 🙂

Not sure if I am going to use it, but at the moment (a few minutes after I finshed up in the bathroom) it´s funny and pretty good.

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