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The new productivity system

I have written about two important systems; Todoist and IQTell. Both, among the best systems to help you keep track of everything you need to get done. I’ve asked myself; what happens if I start using both at the same time?

First, I made the switch to Todoist. I have been using many different tools, but Todoist was the best I’ve tried. Then, I made the switch to IQTell, just because it had a lot of features I needed that Todoist didn’t offer. But, soon after, I made the switch back to Todoist again.

This made me think. And, it made me realize that I couldn’t decide which of the two tools would be the best one for me.

Todoist is an awesome system to keep track of all my tasks, projects and whatever I need to get done. It’s the best one to do exactly that.

IQTell has some of the same features, but I like the Todoist design and interface and the feeling I get by using Todoist. It’s hard to explain, you need to try it yourself. But, IQTell has some features I really need. Especially two features I just can’t do great work without (at least not at the moment).

The first is email. Many of the tasks I do every day is related to email, and it’s part of my daily email habit. Sometimes I need to answer the emails, or the emails I get are part of a project, or I need to archive them as reference. IQTell has a great method of linking each email to actions and to Evernote. It’s hard to see myself working without the integrated part of email. Second, it has Evernote integrated as well.

I could add a third feature, and that would be that IQTell has email as part of the system. I check my email and send my emails via IQTell. It’s an awesome email client, maybe the best I’ve tried. Now, it’s part of the 14 email productivity tips I use every day.

At first, when I started to think about combining Todoist and IQTell, I thought it would be too complex and time consuming. And, that I would forget which one I was using for what purpose. But now, just a week after I started, I find it a lot easier than just using one of the systems.

This is how:

I use Todoist for all my tasks and projects that are not related to email and/or Evernote. I use IQTell for everything related to email and Evernote. That’s it. In other words, IQTell is for tasks that are related to something or linked to something.

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