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New pop-ups effective or just annoying?

I can’t almost remember the last time I experienced a pop-up (an unwanted pop-up). The new versions of Mozilla Firefox and Opera both have very good pop-up blockers, even Windows XP service pack 2 has a good blocker for Internet Explorer. It’s been months since I got any annoying ads for Vlagra or any other stuff I didn’t need.

But look out, there’s a new kid in town.

This new kid is called Instant Attention and most pop-up blockers won’t block this one. This way it might soon become a very effective marketing tool, and for some it has already become really successful.

This method of grabbing attention is not new, it’s something we have been used to for years already. But the reason that this one is really effective is that today, we don’t get that many pop-ups anymore, due to the fact that most people have pop-up blockers and pop-ups from Instant Attention are really good looking.

Example of splash page using Instant Attention

So far I don’t find them annoying at all. I find them interesting and I want to read what has been written on them. I think that this tool is a really powerful marketing tool that most Internet marketers will soon use.

It really grabs your attention! Read more about Instant Attention

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