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New Meta Tags For My Site

I have been trying to adjust the meta tags on my blog, yesterday I used a few minutes to think about new keywords and a new description that would help gain more visitors from the search engines. I came up with a better title. Earlier the title was just my blog name “MLM Forums”, now it’s “MLM Forums online marketing blog”. I think that’s an improvement.

I have been using a neat tool to test my meta tags to see if they are good enough or needs improvement. If you are interested, you can find the tool here. I am not sure how much search engines actually use meta tags, but I don’t think that it can hurt to get better tags.

I have also included two more meta tags that I didn’t have before, a tag for author and a tag for robots. You can read more about various meta tags here.

I will probably have to adjust my keywords and description a little more, but what I have done now is that I have installed a plugin for wordpress that will help me with the meta tags. What I think is pretty interesting is that with this plugin I get meta tags based on my posts as well. This way it will hopefully get easier for my posts to get higher rankings on the various search engines.

8 responses to “New Meta Tags For My Site”

  1. Tim Linden says:

    I work full time online and I don’t lie or bend the truth.. Not sure why you think you must be able to?

  2. jens says:

    I am not sure if I could call it bend the truth or not.

    For instance (maybe a bad example, but just to relate it to your business), many owners of traffic exchanges promote their exchange saying things like “we have more than 60,000 members ” or “we have more than 100,000 members”.

    I am not sure, but I would guess that they don´t have that many active members and that´s what people reading the ads think. The owners are telling the truth, but …

    To me it seems that one of the big problems of MLM (or affiliate marketing) is that all programs / systems seems to be the best. Marketers promote them like they will change your world in 24 hours.

    But the best marketers don´t lie and they probably don´t bend the truth either – but it´s pretty hard to learn copywriting.

    I have both seen and joined several systems where the sales page says something like this: “join now, open for only 100 people”. And I know for sure that all the systems that I joined got way more than 100 people (or how many they said it was open for).

    But as I said earlier, true professionals don’t do stuff like that.

  3. Bob Burnham says:

    Hi Jens

    Liked your article and you bring up a several good points. One of the most important points for success is the thoughts you are focused on. As you probably know ‘Thoughts Become Things’

    I had a very successful franchising business that I worked very hard at and sold in the mid eighties. I made a lot of money with that business but I worked my butt off.

    For many years after the sale of that business I said to myself I never want to work that hard again to make that kind of money. Unfortunately I also had the thought that to make good money I had to work hard so I had a conflict in my beliefs.

    One day when I was sick and tired of being sick and tired I came up with a blinding flash of the obvious. In stead of saying I don’t want to have to work hard to make great money I said “what do I have to do to make great money in an easy and relaxed manner.

    At that point my life and direction changed with the new thought and all sorts of opportunities came to me to make good money in an easy and relaxed manner.

    Challenge your beliefs and change you perspective a little bit and your whole world will change. “What You Focus On Grows”

  4. Tim Linden says:

    I see what you mean. For the first few years I’d always purge out the old members who haven’t logged in for a while, but I stopped when I actually got complaints from people who couldn’t log in anymore. I guess some just take long breaks? Anyways.. Hence the live stats at the top now (“Members Surfing”).

    Well I came here to find out how you are doing with income.. Last Christmas you wrote your present was your adsense account getting deleted. Do you use the Yahoo version now or something else?

  5. Jens says:

    At the moment I am using Text Link Ads, and it works ok for me. I can’t use Yahoo, because I am Norwegian (I think only US residents can use it for now).

    I have tried a few others, but none worked out for me. I am earning a few dollars from a few programs as well, but I am not very successful (but it’s fun though) 🙂

  6. Tim Linden says:

    Have you tried Adbrite? I tried that, but not to the extent to make anything off it.

  7. Jens says:

    Yes, I have tried Adbrite and I have earned a few dollars, but I think that Text Link Ads works a lot better (at least for me).

  8. Mar says:

    Hey, I do like your blog. I have been working online about 7 years, but only started full time this year. I actually make a little less than the day job, but when I factor out the commute, clothes, kid care, etc. and the fact that I’m HAPPIER it works out. 🙂

    Anyway, I don’t like the advice many gurus give to find a niche du jour (like Paris Hilton or something), and to run with it. I’ve have been successful when I found topics that related to my education, work experience, or passions. That’s how I could be credible, and that’s how I could stand to concentrate on them.

    Make your online business about something you know and/or like, and the money will come. GOOD LUCK!

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