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New Marketing Tool: Instant Booster

I just read a press release about a new [tag]software[/tag] called Instant Booster. This software is new for April 2006. The press release told me something interesting. It told me that this software uses a brand new technique to bring visitor to my site. It states that:

No matter what the user is selling or offering, [tag]Instant Booster[/tag] will bring in thousands of potential customers to the user’s Web site. Users do not have to wait a month for the traffic to come in – Instant Booster will instantly drive thousands of targeted visitors to their Web sites. It is easy to set up – the program is completely set up on Auto-Pilot. The software helps users automatically get higher ranking Web sites to link to their site. Users will quickly achieve high link popularity on major search engines

So I just had to click on the link to their Instant Booster website. Their website looks good and they have some bold statements, just like their press release.

Can you afford to loose 300,000 potential [tag]customers[/tag] per year ? How would You like to divert 1000s of fresh, new visitors daily to Your web site or [tag]affiliate[/tag] web site from [tag]Google[/tag], [tag]Yahoo[/tag], [tag]MSN[/tag] and others At $0 cost to you…?

I am not sure how this software works, there are not really any explanations on how they are bringing the visitors to you. There are not much information other than that this software really works. It looks tempting though, the price is not bad either. And according to their site, has written a review where they recommend Instant Booster.

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