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New Interesting WordPress Plugin Called AdMan

I have just installed a wordpress plugin called AdMan, I just found it and therefore I think it´s pretty new (but it might not be). What it does is that it places your ads inside your wordpress posts. I think that this might help some of my ads to be more visible and get more clickthroughs than ads placed in the sidebar and underneath or above the posts.

But of course there might be a small problem with it. My readers will view the same ad or maybe different ads every time they view a post. I am not sure if they will be annoyed or tired of it or what ever. At the moment I have just installed it and will be testing it.

I could put banners (even animated banners) inside my posts, but I don´t think that this will be pretty at all, so what I am doing is placing text and link as I think that this is the best way to not annoy my readers.

3 responses to “New Interesting WordPress Plugin Called AdMan”

  1. Tim Linden says:

    Well if you change domains you lose all the links and branding and ranking and all. I know from experience =P Plus search engines are starting to use how old the domain is in ranking too

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