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New Interesting Viral Marketing Software

I have just had a sneak peak at a brand new Viral Marketing Software called Instant Affiliate Generator by Gary McCaffrey. The software looks very interesting and it’s cheap.

The reason that I find this viral marketing software interesting, is because I haven’t seen anything like it before, and it seems that it’s very easy to install and very easy to use, and that the software can be used by anyone. You don’t really need any technical skills (at least so it seems).

… and of course, I believe that this piece of software really works.

Now, what is Instant Affiliate Generator all about?

It helps you generate free visitors, it sort of makes every visitor to your website one of your affiliates, even though you don’t have your own affiliate product.

What it helps you do is this:

You have to provide a gift or something for free, or something to a reduced price to people who refer other people to your website. You can tell Instant Affiliate Generator that you want everybody that refers 5 people or more to your website or page to get access to a certain product or service. If they don’t refer 5 people (unique visitors), they won’t get access.

You just copy and paste the code to your website / page and they will get an overview of how many they have to refer, starting at 0% ending at 100%.

You probably understand by now why this is a very powerful tool.

You can use it on as many pages as you like, and you can probably use it in many different ways. The most important part of it being that your visitors will want to link to your website in order to refer people and get access to whatever you are offering.

It looks very easy and it looks very powerful.

Now, I have been thinking about buying Instant Affiliate Generator myself, but so far I have been thinking about how I could be using it.

Since I am running a WordPress blog and I would like to integrate it on my blog, I am not sure if it have to turn up on all my pages or not. It looks like the script will have to be placed in the header and if it does, all my visitors would have to see it. I am not sure if this will be such a good idea or not, but I might have to buy it just so I can test how powerful it really is.

…. but what should you offer your visitors in return for their referrals? That seems to be the only question left.

4 responses to “New Interesting Viral Marketing Software”

  1. Sergey Rusak says:

    I think that the best way to sell something on christmas is… direct mail to past clients and customers. Christmas is a good reason to send a post card reminding about your company.

  2. Jens says:

    Hi Sergey,

    I agree that direct mail would be great during Christmas. We all love to receive Christmas cards, even though it’s from a company.

  3. Sol Lederman says:

    I like the attention you pay to helping others during Christmas. And telling your readers is a nice ways to show leadership and compassion skills.

  4. Karen (Karooch from Scraps of says:

    Some good ideas here Jens. I was already planning a number of Christmas related posts. it will be interesting to see if they generate any increase in traffic.

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