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New IMVITE Site Launched Today

I just received the news that the new Imvite site has just launched. Take a look at it now. A lot is happening with Imvite at the moment. In the newsletter I received there are three things that I would like to mention.

This is what I received from Imvite:
First, IMVITE Shopping Mall – New look and functionality. Check out the new look and functionality of your IMVITE Shopping Mall. Within the next few days we will be displaying the percentage of rebates for each store!!! Get into the habit of shopping at your mall for all your needs. This is your own shopping mall!

New confirmation email for Members. Each Member receives a newly designed email as soon as they register. This email has you in mind – it was designed by our professional marketing team to help you convert them to Associates.

A new Member just signed up under you. We will soon implement a new automated email telling you that a new Member has registered through your replicated website. This will give you an opportunity to welcome all your new Members to your team and offer them your help regarding all aspects and opportunities within the IMVITE community.

This is exciting news. If you haven`t joined Imvite just yet, you should do this now. If you are not looking to earn money with Imvite, you can download it for free and use it as your favourite messenger.

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